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Is Chinese standard lower than international standard?   consumers: foreign consumer goods standard seems to be more strict   – Fashion – drawing: Cai Huawei quietly, to accelerate the pace of upgrading the national consumption, daily consumption is more and more focus on quality, safety, details. In contrast, the domestic consumer goods upgrading process some lag, some consumers to join the sea amoy". Standard is the base line of quality. It has been said that the slow pace of production of consumer goods is the standard to blame, because the Chinese standard and international standards compared to low levels. China’s consumer goods standards are far behind the developed countries? Where is the gap between us? Safety technical indicators of the overall level of China standard is not low than 3816 Chinese and foreign consumer goods, and there are 3000 international requirements "masks referring to the European EN149, American NIOSH standard to choose a water purifier to buy American NSF certification, the air purifier was selected after the U.S. CADR certification……" Beijing’s mother Ms. Feng has its own set of standards to buy things, the standard the necessities of life, as well. The most let her trust is the EU standard, for the Chinese standard, Ms. Feng said that the domestic standards in some aspects of the feeling is too loose, not enough, or some do not trust." What is the true level of Chinese standards? 80% – the conversion rate of international standards (ie, the international standard is adopted by the national standards, industry standards and other domestic standards) ratio of more than 80%. The standards set by the international organization for standardization are the basis of international trade and the ticket for the products to participate in international competition. At present, China has more than 80% conversion rate in household appliances, lighting appliances, textiles, clothing, furniture, toys, footwear products, paper products, cleaning supplies and other major consumer goods industry, some industries and even more. 79% – safety technical indicators of consistency of 79%. The National Standards Commission in 2014 launched the consumer product safety standards at home and abroad on the action in the 3816 index of 12 industries in the first comparison, there were about 3000 technical indicators can be consistent with the international technical regulations and standards, the proportion is 79%. Specifically, there are 2299 strict international and foreign, the same with the international and international, the 529 item is wider than the international and foreign, the difference between the 260 with international and foreign countries. 71% of the indicators in coordination with the relevant EU directives or consistent with the standards; 74% indicators in the United States or with relevant laws and regulations and standards; 90% indicators of strict or consistent with the relevant laws and regulations and standards in Japan and canada. Comparison results show that China’s consumer product safety standards and foreign compared to the overall level is not low." The national standards for the industry standard two department director Dai Hong said, in the water storage type electric water heater electric wall, electric pressure cooker, Soybean Milk machine liquid heater safety requirements, sanitary paper products etc, Chinese standards even stricter than the international standard. The level of Chinese standards can also be seen from the depth of China’s participation in international standards. Director of the National Standards Committee相关的主题文章: