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E-Books Formal dresses are a must for many occasions. Nowadays, there are plenty of various styles, colors and fabrics available for formal gowns indeed so that you have wide options. But it doesnt mean choosing a perfect dress is an easy work. In fact, what you need do is to take several factors into consideration. The first is your body shape which has a great effect on your decision. Then you must consider the color and make sure it can match with your complexion well. When it comes to the fabrics, it seems a little difficult in selection. The content below will tell you some tips which may help you a lot. Generally speaking, the appropriate fabric is the one that not only fits the formal occasions but also it can flatter your body shape well. Silk It is regarded as the most common fabric used for the formal dress. Silk appears classy and elegant and it is soft and comfortable to touch and wear so that it is much easier to create a flowing look. In addition, for the sequins dress for formal occasion, silk also can work well. The slick surface makes your perfect curves highlight much easier. Chiffon Another better choice for formal dress is chiffon. It is easy to find that lots of dresses whether it is long or short are made of the stunning material. At the same time, chiffon is easy to be dyed so that if can be made in various colors. The result is that it offers you more options of different shades. At the same time, the light fabric is usually applied to the semi formal events. For hot summer holiday, chiffon is cool to wear so that it becomes the hottest. Organza and Satin Both organza and satin can be used for formal gowns. However, compared with the two formers, they are not so popular. At present, with more and more people in pursuit of fashion, plenty of designers are fond of apply two mixed materials which are really getting good evaluation. For example, mix organza with satin in the dress can appear more different and appealing compared with single fabric. At last, it is necessary to remind you that although those fabrics all can be used in formal dresses, it doesnt mean that you can choose from them optionally only according to your favorite. The factor of season shouldnt be ignored. With the winter coming, the thick fabrics will work better. It is much more proper to select the velvet and brocade. Velvet is thick and has a very smooth folded texture which makes it perfect for long gowns. Brocade is also a good choice for winter dresses as floral patterns on it which makes it perfect for sequin work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: