Introduction of two shareholders to adjust the pace of the game as the music network resume trading

Jia Yueting,

16 billion 800 million music as a whole of the financial needs, has been able to meet the needs of our ecological strategy of the second phase is very good." On the afternoon of January 15th, Jia Yueting, chairman of the music as the music and music as a result of China’s cooperation conference.

music as the capital chain tension has eased. The evening of January 13th, LETV issued notice to the introduction of strategic investment of 16 billion 800 million yuan, Jia Rui Huixin (the financial record China actual control) through the transfer of the old shares and capital increase to LETV, music to new music studios and has a total investment of 15 billion yuan, and the Chinese life, all to invest as the new investment 1 billion 830 million yuan.

melt into China as a result of music and music as a result of the new second major shareholders. This is the first time in the history of music as the introduction of the real two shareholders." Jia Yueting said at the press conference. By introducing the founding of China, the music as a one-time solution to the music as the ecological development of funds."

introduced two shareholders, has been "blind rush" music will remain unchanged in the ecological style will shift to the rapid growth of cash flow.

music into the second stage of development. Jia Yueting said that the second stage is to maintain the growth of the number of users, the rapid growth of positive cash flow, as well as listed companies began to enter the stage of rapid growth in profits. This stage of intelligent hardware in the pursuit of high gross profit without the premise of subsidies, the use of reasonable, lower gross profit pricing model. Jia Yueting said the music as a non hardware revenue has entered a period of rapid growth, the next phase of the entire non-listed company profit will grow rapidly.

became China’s first breakthrough billion U.S. dollars of revenue of the company, is the development of the music as the second stage of Jia Yueting set goals.

optimistic about the entertainment industry Sun Hongbin rushed to cross-border investment

All in, car, aggressive, these in the eyes of others seems to be "Crazy" behavior in the financial record China chairman Sun Hongbin’s eyes is a rare "entrepreneurial spirit, the spirit that Sun Hongbin first and Jia Yueting have a conversation when the investment impulse.

2016 in December 10th, Sun Hongbin went to LETV approaching three workers Shimao property matters, and in 6, Jia Yueting 7 hours of conversation, interested in the music group. After leading the team and the integration of Lenovo, the group of the pan sea (Lenovo and the pan as the car as the music shareholders) to inspect the music as the music. Through reading, interviews with executives and analysts, etc., in 36 days to make investment decisions and finalize investment plans.

this is the first time to create a real estate investment outside the industry. The financial record is called "king of the real estate industry mergers and Acquisitions: E-House Research Institute think tank center data show that in 2016 the financial record in the mainland housing prices get to the amount first, this month to 2 billion 600 million into the chain of home network.

previously, Sun Hongbin publicly published;