Into the high-speed delivery of a car on fire, a car was burned charred apple (Figure) (video)

Into the high-speed delivery of a courier car fire car was burned charred Apple was cooked (Figure) apple, toys, drugs…… These items scattered on the ground in the emergency lane, burnt, FCL apples have been cooked. This morning at about 7, into the filling speed Chengdu to Dujiangyan (micro-blog), a silver van burst fire, the whole road temporarily plugging up until after the fire from the place, we only know a delivery courier van on fire. 7:23 on November 5th, Chengdu fire nineteen squadron after receiving the alarm, dispatched 1 tank foam fire truck, a compressed air foam fire engines, 14 fire fighters rushed into the filling speed, the fire place opposite the source poly high-speed rail station, the squadron rescue forces arrived at 7:44. After arriving at the scene, the commander ordered the alert team on the road to alert, and the fire reconnaissance. The fire is a truck full of express goods, the whole body is burning, fortunately, no one trapped in the car. Commander immediately ordered the fire class single route out of two water cannons to fire. About 8:12, the fire was extinguished, the fire ignited the clean water continuously class items. "It’s a bicycle accident." According to a witness to the public, when the truck was located at the end of the fire location. May be related to the courier items inside." According to the witnesses, when the vehicle did not collide with other cars, before the fire occurred, the driver will stop in the emergency lane after the escape from the cab. According to other witnesses, the car inside a variety of goods, there are fruits, toys, and even lighter these things. After the accident, the local police have also been involved in the investigation. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Zhang Huan client editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading of the high-speed chain of Kunming high-speed chain accident: at least 9 cars collided with 2 cars were burned相关的主题文章: