Internet cafe cashier collusion network password cracking 900 thousand Internet access charges


network password cracking Internet cafes 900 thousand Internet fee was intercepted

An Internet cafe opened in Chongqing

area, two cashiers and management collusion, by deleting Internet charges, Internet business models of the interception, misappropriation of the two Internet cafes charge 900 thousand. Not long ago, the two involved in the cashier and a network management was sentenced to embezzlement.

cafes found less than 900 thousand Internet fee

man Dengmou, Lee, a criminal is an Internet cafe staff in Kaixian. Deng and Lee is 90 after 90, when the cashier at the cafe. A 27 year old this year, when the Internet cafes, Internet cafes are responsible for computer maintenance. 2014, August, is responsible for the management of Internet cafes charge software accounts and passwords Internet cafe staff found that the Internet has been deleted traces of the record, the Internet costs a huge black hole. Internet cafes boss staff inventory found that the cost of Internet access was deleted personnel about 900 thousand yuan. After receiving the alarm, Kaixian police investigation, has arrested the Internet cafe cashier Dengmou and Lee, a network of police received a penalty after the police, the police investigation.

network management cracked Internet cafe billing software password

management punishment after appearing in court a statement said, he through a network of software to steal someone’s Cafe cashier computer password, and the password to the cashier Dengmou, can remove the Internet Internet records profit. Dengmou in the know, profit through this way, and a monthly penalty of 1200 yuan a penalty. The cashier Dengmou account, he gets from somewhere in Internet cafes charge software password, and another cashier Lee together, through the deletion of Internet personnel access records and profit, and Lee together, get the money from month to month, a portion of a given penalty fees.

intercept Internet costs up to 2 years

cashier Li Mouze confessed that he knows by Deng punishment provides a cafe charging software password, and Deng said, in the past 2 years by deletion of Internet personnel access records and monthly profit, and pay a penalty to dengmou. After the incident, the Kaixian police shall entrust the judicial authentication of electronic data according to the computer hard disk data and fixed respectively in general analysis, database and Internet Internet personnel records the amount of operation log, the conclusion shows that from December 29, 2012 to August 12, 2014, Deng compared the difference is 443750.30 yuan, Lee compared the difference is 455625.50 yuan. 2016, Kaixian procuratorate Dengmou, Lee and a criminal prosecution. Kaixian court held a public hearing.

two cashier embezzlement of about 900 thousand to the network management of

more than 20 thousand

Kaixian court found that the defendant Dengmou, Lee Department of Kaixian, a network club cashier. After the defendant guilty of illegal access to the Internet cafe background management password, and the defendant Dengmou to negotiate the use of direct collection, management of the Internet cafes to facilitate the work of the staff costs;