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International aviation emissions market mechanism   China has invested 13 billion 500 million energy-saving emission reduction – Politics – in Beijing in October 7, according to the news website of the Ministry of transportation, the international civil aviation organization, the thirty-ninth conference of climate change negotiations to achieve positive results, when the time in Montreal Canada in October 6th through the "two important comprehensive statement on the International Civil Aviation Organization environmental protection policies and practices of the ongoing climate change" and "comprehensive statement of the International Civil Aviation Organization on environmental protection policies and practices of the continuous global market mechanism" file, the formation of the first global industry emission reduction market mechanism. China Civil Aviation Authority official said, the basic resolution to take care of the core concerns of all parties, is a relatively inclusive document, the results are hard to come by. This is not only an important phase of international air pollution negotiations, but also to promote the development of international air transport green positive attempt to make. China has made an important contribution to promoting the construction of inclusive, equitable, reasonable and feasible global aviation emission reduction framework. It is reported that the resolution adopted by the general assembly of the market mechanism through carbon offset mechanism to control greenhouse gas emissions, international aviation growth, will be divided into three stages from 2021 to 2035, including the test period (2021-2023 years), the first stage (2024-2026 years) and two stage (2027-2035). The test period and the first stage of national voluntary participation, developed countries to participate; second stage for international aviation activities accounted for more than 0.5% of the global national or international aviation activities in the global total accounted for more than 90% of the countries involved. According to the average growth rate of the industry to share the responsibility to offset the increase in the proportion of individual growth in accordance with the proportion of responsibility in 2030, the overall development of the developed countries and developing countries, but the difference between the responsibility. The resolution also stressed the need to provide assistance to countries, especially developing countries, to participate in the mechanism, and to carry out a review of the implementation of the mechanism and the impact of each three years. China Civil Aviation Authority, the person in charge, the international civil aviation organization climate change negotiations began in 2007, the core issue of emission reduction targets, including responsibility, market mechanisms, such as assistance to developing countries. Since 2014, the International Civil Aviation Organization on the issue of climate change to promote the mechanism design, China always adhere to the consistent position, and strive to maintain the development interests of developing countries, urged developed countries to undertake its historical responsibility. The results of the two meeting of the U.S. dollar in 2016 for the International Civil Aviation Organization negotiations provide an important political impetus. At the same time, China suggests that the International Civil Aviation Organization and other related parties from the "Paris agreement" in 2020 after the successful experience, the core concept of global climate governance into the negotiations in the international aviation market measures, with a pragmatic attitude to solve the concerns of all parties, to achieve positive outcomes of consensus. China’s initiative has been supported by the vast majority of countries, for the parties to find a consensus point provides a viable path. During the thirty-ninth General Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in order to promote the success of the general assembly, the Chinese civil aviation delegation and the general assembly, the chairman of the board of directors and the relevant countries conducted intensive consultations and actively seek相关的主题文章: