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The hotel industry to accelerate the integration of industry resources demand difference differentiation competition: national investment adviser King peek catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide demand difference industry differentiation of hotel industry to accelerate the integration of resources – reporter Jiang Jieqiong HNA Group to spend about $6 billion 500 million acquisition of Hilton group, about 25% of the shares, to become a long-term Hilton’s strategic investors. This is the second country, Jinjiang shares, the first trip to the hotel, for domestic enterprises and the layout of the International Hotel assets. In October 26th, HNA Group official Chinese Securities newspaper reporter said that the synergistic effect of Hilton’s hotel management business with HNA aviation, tourism, industrial and other formats were high. In recent years, domestic and foreign hotel capital operation frequently, industry consolidation accelerated. Insiders said that the differentiation and differentiation of resources to accelerate the integration of resources. In the context of rapid development of the tourism industry, listed companies can accelerate the layout of the hotel + to explore the scale of the operation of the formation of ecological dividend". Frequent cross-border mergers and acquisitions in recent years, domestic enterprises launched a number of cross-border mergers and acquisitions of assets of hotel of events. According to Hainan related parties, the HNA Group acquired Hilton about 25% stake in the first quarter of 2017 is expected to. Hilton previously announced, split will begin to implement the Park and HGV at the end of the year or so, after the spin off Hainan Airlines in these companies has approximately 25% stake. As part of the deal, Hilton has signed an agreement with the airlines, Hainan Airlines will respectively to Hilton, Park and HGV of the board of directors appointed two directors. HNA HNA tourism announced in April this year, the acquisition of Carlson and Rezidor Hotel Group AB, which holds a 51.3% interest, and may acquire the whole Rezidor. In addition, HNA Group invested in Spain NH Hotel hotel group, headquartered in Seattle, the Red Lion Hotel, etc.. In recent years, cross-border mergers and acquisitions initiated by Chinese enterprises gradually increased. In July this year, Kaiyuan’s Hongkong listed on the main board of the Kaiyuan Industrial Trust acquired the Holiday Inn in Holland is located in the city of Eindhoven to total 215 million yuan; in May, the acquisition of InnVest Canada Real Estate Lantian group Investment Trust to $2 billion 100 million. The latter includes the management of Toronto Fairmont York Hotel Royal, Edmonton Fairmont Hotel Macdonald and other Canadian veteran hotel. In March, Ampang insurance to buy American luxury hotel group Strategic Hotels & Resorts Inc to $6 billion 500 million. After the completion of the transaction, the top 16 will be awarded the El Luxor Hotel Ampang group across the nation, including Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. Four Seasons Hotels, San Francisco Union Square Westin San Francisco and California Orange County Niguel The Ritz Carlton Hotel. On相关的主题文章: