Insight how difficult is it to solve the parking problem

Insight: how difficult is it to solve the parking problem? A few weeks ago, the right to stop illegal parking on urban roads to be included in the scope of urban management law enforcement caused widespread concern in the industry. Illegal parking is not worth advocating, but with a car owner’s words, I do not want to deliberately illegal, but really no place to stop". With the continuous increase in the number of motor vehicles in our country, the problem of parking is becoming increasingly prominent, in the car without the embarrassment of the status quo, the crux of the problem in the end, there is no solution can be worth learning? For many car owners, a common problem that needs to be considered every day is: "where does the car stop?" In Beijing, for example, currently the city’s parking space is about 3 million 20 thousand, while the number of motor vehicles is as high as 5 million 600 thousand, the proportion of about two 5:9. In other words, the average of every 9 cars, there are more than 4 cars facing no home can be returned to the problem. (source: Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission) this situation has become a microcosm of the status quo of domestic cities. Parking spaces in the case of a significant shortage of three or four lines of the city is more obvious, accounting for 60% of the total demand gap is more common thing. The number of motor vehicles in Xi’an exceeded 2 million 500 thousand, the number of parking spaces is only about 600 thousand, but also less than the total number of 1/4. According to Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the development and Reform Commission, said, at present China’s parking gap more than 50 million." As of the end of 2015, China’s motor vehicle ownership has reached 279 million, of which the number of cars is 172 million, and showing a rapid growth trend. Survey data show that the big city in the China, car parking and average ratio is about 1:0.8, in the small and medium-sized city in this figure are mostly 1:0.5, with the more obvious gap with the developed countries 1:1.3. The number of parking spaces on the less, plus parking lot parking, anti road parking, parking, road between corners secretly install locked phenomenon is very common; some parking lot property rights and management rights are not unified, bull management; some parking lot or even for other purposes…… The chaos is in the invisible "Parking" aggravated the ills. In addition, the charges are not uniform, the flow of funds is not open parking fees, but also the owners of another Tucao point. The same is parking, the price here and there is not the same, there is no invoice, I do not know the money I paid to whom." According to Zhou Zhengyu, director of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, only the first four months of this year, Beijing investigate illegal parking fines will be as high as 166 million yuan. However, since five years ago, Beijing has not announced the release of the revenue brought about by parking, Finance Bureau staff have said: do not grasp the current situation". Parking is not difficult "Chinese characteristics", Japan, Britain, Germany and other countries have similar problems. But in the solution, these countries have been at the forefront. In Japan, with a fixed parking spaces is a prerequisite to buy a car, and parking spaces must be within 2 kilometers of the residence or the unit, so that people have a basic daily parking parking. Coupled with up to 15 thousand yen illegal parking fines, so that the Japanese dare not easily violate. South Korea is expected to achieve the goal through the adjustment of economic levers. In mention.相关的主题文章: