India plans to serve in 2023 before the 7 multifunctional light ship-norton disk doctor

India plans to 2023 before serving 7 ships next generation multifunctional Corvettes map: India navy "Calcutta" class destroyer original title: India plans in 2023 before serving 7 ships next generation multifunctional Corvettes [according to defense news reported on October 22, 2016 India Navy plans to build 7 ships next generation multifunctional light frigates, these ships will have offensive anti submarine combat capability. According to the performance parameters of India Navy, the captain of 120 meters, the endurance of not less than 4000 knots, speed up to 27. India Navy will be in 2023 before serving 7 ships, the ship has a lower radar wave, acoustic, electromagnetic, visual and infrared signal features. The ship will be equipped with at least 8 anti-ship missiles, in the height of 3-5 meters from the sea skimming flight speed of up to 3 Maher, ships will be equipped with towed, 2 light torpedo tube. India Navy plans to install a multi-functional surveillance and threat warning radar on the ship for early warning and target recognition. At present, India has as many as 50 naval ships and submarines under construction, is currently building a 4 aircraft type P-28 corvettes, P-28 ship delivered to the India Navy in 2014, 4 ships in 2016 will be delivered to the India Navy, the USS Garden Rich by India shipbuilding and Engineering Company Limited (GRSE) construction. (China Ship Information Center Hua Zhengming) more exciting content, please pay attention to the public, "WeChat Tencent military academy"相关的主题文章: