Incomplete life, complete love


Weihai this winter seems not too cold, like a warm spring, severe winter is not cold, it began to rain, yesterday evening, the weather suddenly changed, it began to snow, mingled with the wind, especially in the face of pain hit. About half past nine that night water, cold wind blows, a couple of small package bag to find a man covered in his own corridor, there were 1 not to the full moon baby, he quietly lying on the inside, jittery, living a life not enjoy love, has been abandoned to the brink of death. We all feel that this is often the idea that drama plot, even in the US.

This is not the first abandoned

Pediatrics, and call him little lost. Little lost was sent to our department of pediatrics. The little lost check carefully, he found the right ears mostly absent, no external auditory canal, the right hand has 2 thumbs, and a crooked cry baby. Perhaps the little lost family chose to abandon this incomplete with deep hatred and resentment and sorrow of children, as parents no one will choose to abandon the road, left behind what we can make nothing of it, not theory, is perhaps the incomplete body is one of the reasons.

ten floor medical group where we blasted the pot, "what I need, to send?" "Children are not what one was" no milk, just go to the families of other patients and ward borrowed a little, so little enough, "" yes, I have my diapers "bottle" "I’ll take a little clothes to go".

was really tired after a day at the clinic, but I wanted to see the kid and want to do something. My family and I said, "I want to get something.". Family members agree: good things, we support you. My home is near the baby 2 years old, some children haven’t finished diapers home, I picked up a piece of clothing, a box of milk protein hydrolysis depth unopened, less than ten minutes to get to the hospital.

saw a small drop, really hurt my eyes. Such a fragile life, not a good feeling of life, the family as a carrier of the burden and discarded. His life is tenacious, hands and feet a little cold. I picked up, give him some milk powder, and found the feeling of being a mother. This child is always good, generally not crying, as if he knew his crippled body made him look too humble and discarded, so he chose not to cry. Give him a clean diaper. After the milk, the little guy goes to sleep.

three a night nurses hardly slept. The second day, Dr. Yang came early, with the son of the milk, diapers and wipes to sister took the triple bag of milk, enough to drink for a long time, Li sister is more comprehensive, what clothes, diapers, diaper, wipes, milk powder, the bed did not know who the contribution of toilet paper…… Everybody day;