In the media the deployment of Sade anything, Chinese have no time to accompany

In the media: the deployment of "Sade" anything, no time to accompany you. China data figure: "Sade" anti missile early warning radar? Because of work reasons, this year the Chinese did not send representatives to attend the Seoul defense dialogue." Yesterday, the Ministry of defense responded to a domestic and foreign media speculation. The jar of light, bright Ming goes to South korea. Take this opportunity to China Korea again sent a clear signal: the deployment of "Sade" anything. The Seoul security dialogue is a high-level multilateral security dialogue mechanism established by South Korea in Northeast Asia, held annually from 2012. Senior officials from 5 countries, including the United States, Japan and other countries, as well as the European Union, NATO, the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and other international agencies attended the meeting 33. Prior to the 4 meeting of China also sent officials to attend.  ?? China opposes the arrangement of "Sade" in South Korea, the position is a and clear. At the summit of the G20 summit talks between China and South Korea, President Xi Jinping reiterated: we oppose the deployment of the United States’ sa ‘anti missile system in South korea. This problem is not good, is not conducive to regional strategic stability, will exacerbate the contradictions." Previously, foreign minister Wang Yi has repeatedly pointed out that "deployment" Sade "system is far beyond the peninsula’s defense needs"; "and, at the same time"; "any excuse is pale". However, South Korea is ate chengtuo iron the heart, to Chinese warning about. South Korean leaders said in a joint press conference held after the meeting in Vientiane, including the deployment of "Sade", the Korea US joint defense force and by enhancing the deterrent towards maintaining extended deterrence. Pu Jinhui and Obama on the same occasion confirmed the deployment of Sade strong will is the first time, issued a clear signal to China can not be changed. South Korean people to protest the deployment of Sade system, there are Korean media believes that the deployment of ‘sa’ dissatisfaction with China is the reason for the absence of china". There’s nothing wrong with this analysis. South Korea deployed "Sade", in any case is great sophistry, hostile behavior, damage to the Chinese security interests, destroys the stability of northeast asia. Is it not typical of the two sides to act in a way that would undermine the security of Asia, and then verbally call security dialogue? Seoul security dialogue, only concerned about the safety of South Korea, you take into account the safety of China? Aren’t your defense arrangements with the United States, but also with China? If the "Sade" system will make South Korea more secure, it is certainly the South Korean military is lying to the public, even the United States have said "no Seoul Sade" system, and Chinese, Russian missiles will be aligned with the "Sade" system deployment. South Korea deployed "Sade", is open to China and Russia as the enemy, hell-bent acts as a pawn in the United states. No nonsense Chinese participate in such a meeting? South Korea will be more secure?   other people will blow out the lamp, burning his beard. South Korea needs to understand that the real protection of the safety of South Korea, not one or two such as Sade such weapons, but not thousands of miles away in the United States, but the good neighborly friendship with neighboring countries. The history of international relations has proved that to create trouble for others, is to create trouble for themselves, sacrificing his country’s security, not in exchange for their own long-term security. Absence is "cause"相关的主题文章: