In the eyes of the missionaries, the Red Army and the long march they are all men of

The eyes of the Red Army and the long thin Fuli: they are – Military – original title: have faith in the eyes of the Red Army and the missionaries Fuli thin long period of recording posters about: never heard of before the Red Army and the long march Fuli thin unforgettable faith charm that rocked the world "long March": like a towering snow capped mountains like the iron fist, firmly rooted in the vast sky. The Red Army is an irresistible revolutionary force, snow depths of transpiration, is going through great difficulties and hardships still refuse to be cowed or submit the spirit of the long march. 1 young television? Ling Jing was surprised: the Red Army, the British, the Long March, missionaries, these seemingly unrelated words, what can be put together from a historical event? In July 25, 2016, for the television documentary photography that rocked the world "Long March" to the British Imperial War Museum for historical she heard a voice never heard of before recording, although old, but soothing calm English is very clear: "after 4 days I saw Xiao Ke captured. He was 25 years old. He was very busy. He was a very capable officer. I admire him very much. He gave up everything for the sake of the motherland’s ideal career, willing to sacrifice." The recording mentioned Xiao Ke, was the six Red Army Army colonel; and in the recording of the narrator, is the British born Swiss Alfred Bo in Saudi Arabia, Chinese named Bo Fuli?. In 1922, he was sent to China as a missionary, in Guizhou Province, Zhenyuan, Huang Ping, Zunyi missionary area. In October 1, 1934, he and his wife went to the town far, and fought in Guizhou six Red Army accidentaly across. The second day, the Red Army captured New Zealand missionary Hayman and their families. For humanitarian reasons, the Red Army released the women and children, and Bo Fuli and Hayman as a spy to detain. (Yan Jiaqi, the commissioning editor: Qiu) original title: missionaries Fuli eyes of the Red Army and the long march thin red two, red six army some leading comrades arrived in Northern Shaanxi. 2 due to the "left" line of the wrong leadership, the fifth anti encirclement predicament. In the face of the grim situation in land shrinking, the Provisional Central Committee of CCP who is considered to be the main force of the Red Army to evacuate the Central Soviet Area, and sent seven red army to the north, six red army moved westward. In August 7, 1934, Ren Bishi, Xiao Ke, Wang Zhen led the six red army was ordered from Hunan to break out in the west, the Kuomintang army heavy tackle left to right to kill, he moved to Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Guizhou, for He Long, and join the leadership of the new Commissioner of the division should be the Red Army, the revolutionary base. Shaw and thin is in this state of war. At that time, Guizhou has just entered the six red army only a high school textbooks in Guizhou cannot be used to guide the sketch, marching and fighting. The old Red Army, found a nearly 1 square meters of Guizhou Province Map in a church, but above all label names are in English, no one can know. So called Xiao Ke who brought a Chinese Bo Fuli. In June 2015, Zhang Guoqi, a former general secretary of the general, said in an interview相关的主题文章: