In hetuala, in a world of ice and snow ice fishing.

This is the

I grown up children, for "Snow" and "South child no surprise appearance, but Things seldom seen are strange." have to say, would love to send feet in deep snow crunching sound, feel a sense of fun. Time ticking, across childhood memories, when the snow is always under the attitude with the wind copious and fluent, into your neck, into your cuffs, while suzhebozi, crouch hand side, happily and buddy ran out of a ring. Now the winter scene, always can hope a feather like snow, somehow, a little increase with age, but again lost vision.

is this, the winter snow, reluctant to stay in my city? So, I had no choice but to toss the north, go to the city than the north of the home step on a snow. If you don’t come, I’ll look for you, and that’s another trait for Sagittarius, except for love travel and adventure. Called a dual personality Sagittarius life, in between the stop and go, but also caught countless small surprises, but this time to Liaoning Fushun Manchu Autonomous County’s Alacun, really gain a ray of a ray of small indeed fortunate.

a few hours by car arrived in Fushun Manchu Autonomous County, wrap dress, shawl, stepped off the moment in the snow, tears almost soared out of there, than the blue sky, white snow, red lanterns more emotive? Our partner to be careless with pictures, this step on, that was, just like a bunch of eat sugar "children", you know, we have dozens of years age difference.

There is a hetula city’s

Alacun, "hetuala" is Manchu, meaning Henggang, historians called "the first capital of the Qing Dynasty, and it was later regarded as the Qing Dynasty" Xing ", the rise of the cradle of manchu. Alacun’s in the red lantern, in the barn, corn pile hanging in the yard, basking in the sun, with morning smoke, the entrance to the village of barking dogs, and the axe split wood stuffy heavy sound, eyes see all about the beating of my heart the passers-by.

sleep, eat Kang northeast, go to the village and the ice Park, open the ice pattern rash and too much in haste. We have a pedestrian walking on the huge ice footprints walking crooked, soon spread out in all directions. Finally arrived at the set of ice was found, the night before to prepare and cut through the hole in the ice, frozen overnight to solid, gives birth to a blossoming of small ice, with the transparent ice, the sun flashed, they like blinking eyes, a wayward beauty there in a world of ice and snow in the edge spread.