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IMAX held in Beijing, "Dr." singular viewing visual entertainment Sohu "- word of mouth guards" Doctor Strange poster   in November 4th the Sohu entertainment fans look forward to the warm in time and again, and by "Sherlock Benedict? Cumberbatch and Tilda? Swinton starred in the marvel superhero blockbuster" strange "Dr. China, synchronous landing and North American two major markets, means that the most popular superhero in the world more than 1000 pieces of IMAX screen display" magic ", wide coverage beyond all multiple predecessors". Since the film since last week to 33 countries and regions in the world to open the picture, the box office has a stride forward singing militant songs to dominate the world, where the IMAX cinema first weekend king received $7 million 800 thousand, with amazing performance record IMAX October film the international market (except North America and Mainland Chinese) open draw at the box office record. The film released on the same day, IMAX Wanda International Cinema in Beijing CBD shop held a media viewing film, IMAX full frame shock vision firepower, by the media praised the "3D brings the most imaginative IMAX this year, the most psychedelic scenes." High praise the global relay Chinese successor reputation maxed out the whole network from 2 onwards, one after another in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other places early screening of the IMAX 3D version of "strange doctor" has made word-of-mouth showing a sharp upward trend. 4 on the morning of zero after the field, on the strange doctor, especially IMAX 3D version of the amazing visual effects were more than the entire network burst brush. Micro-blog has a high popularity on the music of Liang Huan, said: "strange doctor" visual effects are very strong, it is recommended to see IMAX 3D." Fashion Critic and writer Kira Mr. after viewing said: "Doctor Strange" is by far the most beautiful vision in the marvel movie a space fold spell effects make the city like origami like any folding, cool and handsome! And other super heroes will only bang bang, this one visual experience must go to IMAX and!" Senior film critic tengjingshu "Miss" micro Bo said: "the queen Tilda Swinton Chan burst, shaved head made her gas field full. Sherlock is still conceited man playfully positioning, his masterpiece. The story and visual effects are good, IMAX3D very enjoyable." The movie "movie game player Luozhong" on micro-blog comments: "IMAX 3D version of visual effects in the Marvel Universe has ever seen the movie, full of magic sense of immersion, very shocked, the audience seemed to follow the doctor into another layer of space-time, described by the doctor’s words," just like taking certain hallucinogenic drugs ", the time reversed, space." While micro-blog sitting on about four million fans well-known blogger Tom monkey used a sigh parallel sentences express praise for IMAX 3D version of "strange": "Dr. IMAX visual effects to the grand shake a big plus! It’s definitely a good job in MCU! As mentioned in the trailer, it definitely gives you an unprecedented visual experience! See N times are not greasy!" Large rare long相关的主题文章: