Illegal sand mining in Hebei, Dingzhou part of the river was cut 30 meters high cliff 4000dy

Hebei Dingzhou illegal sand mining rampant: part of the river was cut out 30 meters high cliff – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Shijiazhuang September 26th News Title: km crater breaches illegal sand mining ban is difficult to stop — Hebei Dingzhou Shahe illegal sand mining town on Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Fan recently received a report from the masses called "Hebei District of Dingzhou city in the course of Shahe" rampant illegal sand mining, reporters rushed to Dingzhou investigation twice. Although the local ban sand mining in recent years, but the reporter in a number of towns have witnessed the battle day wantonly mining, part of the river was cut out 30 meters high cliff, the span of 1000 meters of the giant pit, forming a huge threat to the coastal environment, river flood. There is still stealing Shahe originated in the Shanxi province of Fanshi Dong Bai Po tou ban period, Dingzhou in the territory of 41.6 kilometers long, west village Wu Zhou Village, east to the large Village West Village, a total of 6 through towns and more than and 20 administrative villages, a total length of 47.8 kilometers of river dikes. Reporter recently drove to Dingzhou City exhorted town outside the village a Sai Li Cun, in the intersection, a large car transport sand out, on both sides of the road from time to time the sand heap, the river walk is larger, some 10 meters high sand. On the Shahe River, visible more than 10 small pumping vessel is operating. The local sand mining industry, "the river sand mining need to apply for a license in the water sector, usually in the river to buy mineral rights, mining planning and implementation activities of digging sand mining is relatively very norms, rules for surface cutting, not" a hammer East, West a wooden stick "to digging." However, the reporter entered the area after seeing the sandpit is in Shahe Central River, has formed a 30 meters deep, span 800 meters, the irregular contour of the huge hole. In order to strengthen the management of river sand mining, to ensure flood safety, in recent years, the relevant departments in Hebei province continued to carry on the river sand. Before the flood season this year, Hebei province from July 1st to August 31st is set during the prohibition period, to prohibit any legal entities and other organizations and individuals of all mining sand, soil activity. No take zone are frequent daowa although the reporter unannounced visits to witness the behavior of illegal mining of sand, but the Dingzhou City Water Department has responded that "our annual ban sand mining, sand mining enterprises within the territory without". The reporter drove to Dingzhou again before the investigation, by the provincial highway 234 line set Wei and Shahe bridge junction road to the west, there is a battle in the Central River not far from the village Niu Dian Gao Peng Zhen, in addition to the board and used forklift stacking them, river edge has been dug 30 meters of the cliff, a river as well as houses. "A shovel (forklift bucket sand) 60 yuan, the village has many tens of miles to the battlefield, the quality is no problem." Field staff said. Across the river in the Ding Ning Dian Zhen Xi Yang Cun, a sandpit gate there are many truck drivers in line to buy sand. In the East Qiancun Zhang Yang village close to the west, the reporter found a depth of 30 meters, the long span large battlefield 1 kilometers. Next to the battlefield, visible 5 sand mining machine is operating, a new washing machine is one of the sand mining operation. .相关的主题文章: