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"If life ever meet" the passion of meticulous freehand love [exclusive first] if life ever met & #183; the latest trailers Han Dongjun Sun Yi interpretation of pure love entertainment Tencent adapted from the popular novel fwsc "siege" fog, from the famous Hongkong director He Shu and executive producer Lin Guohua, gold production, popular the film star Han Dongjun, starring Sun Yi, Alex Fong, Yong Hou, veteran actor Zhao Liang, Maggie Siu, Yue Yueli, Hu Jia, competent actor Xu Zhengxi, Zheng Luoqian, Zou Tingwei, Yu Bo, Ma Jinghan and Lv Jiarong strong to help out people in your child love drama "life" as if meet, recently announced the latest trailers, presents a love and hate the joys and sorrows of the beautiful romance for the audience, this piece of troubled love era of the Republic of China after five years of wind and rain, to show affection. A feeling of sadness, full of knot marriage to flower son Yi Liankai three in the unpredictable, ever-changing nature of things (Han Dongjun ornaments) and women Qin Sang (Sun Yi ornaments) in the rape flowers all over the mountains and plains meet with Sun Yi’s Qin sang with plain fresh floral dress style appearance, Han Dongjun with a smile to the wild and intractable Qin sang, "life is not the first line to start again, most of the time, you meet who first, who did not have to change," the plot foreshadowing. The last stop in the picture and even the scene in Qin sang easily under the cherry blossom tree Kay appeared, Qin sang shyly: "Qin sang down low green branches, easy Kay looking even smiling without a word, aftertaste. From the trailers, the overall style of firmness and flexibility, both from the artillery roaring smoke of war scenes, and romantic scenes tender melody, a perfect visual effect of the reproduction of the times of the Republic of China grand and rustic blend, with piano and Cello for the tone of the music is melodious or with the plot development, or rushing warm. Just a few minutes on the concise and smooth the four emotional entanglements clearly summarized, and interspersed with the story of the story and the plight of the stars. Alone, the reproduction of human excellence very carefully prepared plot style the film further exposure of the main role, Qin sang Kai, Yi Jipei, Pan Jianchi, even easy, easy even Shen, Fan Yanyun et al in a large number of gorgeous styling, Han Dongjun by a variety of fashion suits to all kinds of gown to a navy blue tunic, one of the most loving and the most clothing products master, do not ban the audience our eyes. From the Qin and sang a simple but elegant floral dress vintage dress and hair to the light ripe military style jacket, from light blue to pure and lovely mature woman dignified appearance, are lovingly pathetic. Scene layout, easy mansion Deluxe perfect show a Xiongbayifang family status, everywhere Loudiao Western decoration, cloth flowers wallpaper, upholstered furniture, Chinese and Western the cabinet does not highlight the rich and affluent, highly reduced in the streets, elegant courtyards and corridors are remarkable. With the first Qin sang Pan Jianchi’s origin feeling out, against the bright rape flowers under the more beautiful, beautiful cherry trees in the rain and the sun as the protagonists render a different emotional tone, but also the multiple reproduction of memorable scenes were beautiful atmosphere, thus produced the well intentioned. In.相关的主题文章: