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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Throughout history, diamonds have always been revered because of their exquisite beauty. These diamonds are also quite expensive. It seems that the largest and most unique ones be.e famous. However, this is not the case of some of the top famous loose diamonds. One perfect example is the Hope Diamond. Hope Diamond The Hope Diamond became famous not because it is the largest. It is not even the most beautifully cut. However, this is often considered by a lot of experts as number one in the list of top famous loose diamonds. Unverified legends tell that the stone came from one of the eyes of Sita, a Hindu goddess who is also the wife of Rama. However, this legend is most probably just a work of fiction as the Hope Diamond’s twin was never found.This diamond is 45.52 carats of fancy dark greenish blue color. It is stunningly worth more than $200,000,000 and is currently displayed at Smithsonian Natural History Museum. It has been verified to .e from the Tavenier Blue Diamond, and both had a regal history of being passed on to the hands of different royals until the Hope Diamond, then known as French Blue, came into the Hope Family. The diamond was passed on to the next generation and became controversial because of various heirs were known to be fighting over the possession of this diamond. Taylor-Burton Diamond Another of the top famous loose diamonds once again owes its fame to controversy. This pear-shaped 69-carat diamond was bought by Cartier and christened as "Cartier." It was set into a necklace, which was promptly bought by Richard Burton as a fortieth birthday gift for his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, and was named by the latter as "Taylor-Burton." When the couple divorced, Taylor sold the diamond for $3,000,000, although some accounts claim that it was for $5,000,000. It was told that prospective buyers were allowed to view the diamond for a "modest" fee of $2,500. Dresden Green Diamond Of the top famous loose diamonds, the Dresden Green Diamond is one of the few that became famous because of its color and size. Named after Saxony’s (in Germany) capital where it was on display for 200 years, this 41-carat diamond is the largest natural-occurring green diamond ever seen. Early accounts tell of how a diamond merchant named Marcus Moses tried to sell this diamond, which he got from India, to King Ge.e I who was amazed by the diamond but did not buy it.Other accounts also tell of this diamond being dealt to Frederick Augustus I who did not buy it too. However, his son Frederick Augustus II did buy the diamond some years later from another merchant. It was then set into the Golden Fleece. It was later re-set to another Golden Fleece along with the Dresden White Diamond. Other Diamonds 相关的主题文章: