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IDC: OPPO in the three quarter of the first ascent Chinese mobile phone market OPPO Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 28, 2016 news, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) released the latest mobile phone quarterly tracking report shows that in the third quarter of 2016, China intelligent mobile phone market grew 5.8%. OPPO mobile phone market China ahead for the first time, followed by vivo, HUAWEI and millet are ranked three or four, while Apple ranked fifth. IDC expects the fourth quarter of 2016, China’s smart phone market will continue to maintain high growth. And this continued growth momentum, mainly due to the user needs to upgrade and enhance the purchasing power of consumers. IDC specific data, the three quarter shipments of OPPO reached a total of 20 million 100 thousand, vivo is the 19 million 200 thousand, HUAWEI is the only part of the shipment of millet and only half of OPPO, for the 10 million. Today, the pursuit of cost-effective era has passed, more users to pursue fashion design, configuration and upgrading of smart phones. IDC believes that with China overall market consumption upgrade, the use of intelligent mobile phone has changed, the mobile phone has become the user’s daily assistant, it not only meet the needs of users in communication, social networking, shopping, reading, games and other multimedia scene needs more time with customers, assist in real time to deal with daily affairs. Therefore, users need to be more stylish and functional products, and more willing to buy new products launched by manufacturers. Smart phones from the past has become a fashionable durable goods consumer goods. Mobile phone shipments in the three quarter of the change table OPPO how to win the market leader in the use of user demand intensifies the competition intensifies the Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Research on IDC intelligent mobile phone market tracking Chinese quarter shows that OPPO in the third quarter of 2016, the first intelligent mobile phone market ahead for the first time. IDC China Research Manager Jin Di said: "the rapid growth of OPPO, not only due to its wide distribution network line channels, more important is to grasp the law of development of OPPO market, to be clear in the mobile phone market development period, the user has the ability of intelligent mobile phone is and the function of the purchase price higher when, and can quickly adjust the product design, the layout of the whole channel marketing activities, in order to win the favor of users". In the period of rapid development of the electricity supplier, millet enjoy the dividend distribution channels of the Internet, other manufacturers also immediately into the electricity supplier market. In the meantime, OPPO but under the development of online channels, the layout of the distribution network, in television entertainment programs, increase advertising, enhance brand awareness. When the electricity supplier channel growth slowed down, when the distribution advantage weakened, the line has become a mobile phone manufacturers compete for another key areas. IDC believes that China’s major mobile phone manufacturers to enter the offline channels, despite the short-term help product distribution, but the channel construction investment is high, human resource allocation needs to be constantly coordinated. In the long run, manufacturers will be a significant impact on profit margins thin, homogeneous business model and other factors. Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in the mobile phone manufacturers in the development phase of the difference between the key mobile phone manufacturers need to give a more functional use of the scene,.相关的主题文章: