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"I go to school." Zhang Danfeng Wei Chen fell up the knife, people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn people.com.cn August 31 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Ping) broadcast on Sunday night, "I go to school." the tenth phase of the program, "Snow" responsible for the formation of a combination of Choral Societies, Joker Choir for their name "just want to make friends laughing red", "community name straightforward, it is Joker". As president of the Joker and Zhang Danfeng through the talent show the selection of members, first of all their fun together, to become a mentor in the play a chair. In two off-line tutor to attract in contrast, can be arbitrarily in the field force release of "excellent" players. Wuyinbuquan soul singer sun tall and short legs "disgrace", Joker tutor "animation class F4" with this song, and became a live ball magic killer let Zhang Danfeng to "turn anger". In the style of "hot eyes" of the players, a girl classmate Zhang Danfeng and Joker stand head and shoulders above others, straight like a "yen value is not low, called the campus belle". The beautiful young girl’s dance performance is to let Zhang Danfeng reserve instantly broken, immediately took out the camera kuangpai, also a butt accidentally fell to the ground, I like being friends laugh, "home to Catherine Hung was kneeling washboard rhythm". "Cool" combination after the break, no Zhang Danfeng "drag", Ella is more straightforward, please star school students collective dinner, but Wei Chen has been eager to help the students to buy Beauty meal, his popular feeling "let Ella handsome man". And when you make fun of Wowkie Zhang old little girl Ceng rice ", Wei Chen’s" better than owe good "called back side has been in an inspired passage, Ella Zhang Danfeng was also not the meal up the knife, only an innocent face like silence. At the end of the class, "E" deliberately went to Zhang Danfeng’s class hard door, staged a "close" drama "have also borrowed, then it is not difficult to" Wei Chen, before Zhang Danfeng returned to Ella two hundred, two people fled to Zhang Danfeng echoed each other". (commissioning editor Tang Ping and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: