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I give the Department of urology experts "Apprentice" – Sohu health director Li through the experience of a surgery, let me the media people have a new understanding of the relationship between doctors and patients. Saving lives is the fundamental medicine, as much as possible to save lives in their eyes, is the logical occupation duty. Respect for their efforts, they respect knowledge, respect for everything they did to you, it is also the duty of patients with it — the experience of xinhuanet.com reporter Tao Huan xinhuanet.com reporter Tao Huan Department of Urology director of the Li Jianxing Tsinghua experience at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital operation in Beijing has gradually into the late autumn. As the guardian of the similar experience, I came to Beijing Qinghua Chang Gung Memorial hospital. At this point, in the Department of Urology operation room, a director of the Department of Urology Li Jianxing team and a patient in vivo stone battle is underway. Li Jianxing (right) describes the patient’s stone site and surgical approach. (Photo by the hospital to provide expert Qingjushulu looking for stone gravel) "operation difficulty the patient was older, and had heart stent, long-term use of drugs to prevent thrombosis during the operation, so it is easy to form large hemorrhage." A shadow, he pointed to the X rays to say: "this is the existence of a large number of stones in place, we need to probe into here, broken stone, and put the stone out in vitro. Our method is in waist punching, forming two pathways and the urethra, looking up and down with the." Before surgery, Li Jianxing looked at the assistants to do all the preparatory work, while the introduction of patients. At this point, two surgical instruments have been along the patient’s ribs and urethra into the kidney, from the monitor screen can be seen, the assistant is looking for stones in the kidney with a probe. However, after a period of "search", the assistant did not find the stone where. Has been observed for a while Li Jianxing stood up, put on the surgical equipment, calmly sitting in the middle position, took the probe from the hands of the assistant before long, he found a stone. Li Jianxing in the surgery (Photo by the hospital to provide) to teach students a bold attempt to have the courage to play to the side of the assistant to explain the essentials, he returned to the monitor position. According to the presence of the young doctor said, Li Jianxing of the students is to "let go", in general surgery let the students go to practice, he is just as a "supervisor" guidance, to ensure the safety and quality of care. After the cleaning of the urinary stone, it is necessary to transfer the equipment from the upper channel to the urinary drainage tube. Li Jianxing said the operation was not perfect enough, and asked what the doctor did. An assistant to justify himself. "If you drive, you have to take responsibility." He said half jokingly, "if I did it, I was responsible."." He always reminds students: your work is closely related to the patient’s life, can not joke. 1.5 hours, the successful completion of the operation. Back to the rest of the room, Li Jianxing resumed normal relaxed humor, while chatting with several young doctors, while reading a few words written on the operating gown: I do not want to go to work."  相关的主题文章: