Hyaluronic acid blocked blood vessels cause blindness denka

Hyaluronic acid blocked blood vessels cause blindness blindness caused by vascular blockage status of hyaluronic acid on September 14th morning, the reporters came to a hospital. At this time, the United States was lying in bed under drip, right eye redness cannot open, nose and forehead large purple, Mei mother and his friend Mary (a pseudonym) by the bed. "One eye is blind, how will she do after?" A mother face gaunt, about the status of her daughter’s red eyes. She said, the doctor’s diagnosis is because nasal artery clogging hyaluronic acid into the blood circulation, resulting in the right eye, soft tissue necrosis in all, almost no possibility of fuming. "Now, a large nose and forehead bruising, fester, and continue to spread, the doctor said that if the diffusion area is too large there is danger." A mother is very worried, she said, they can do now is to make every effort to control a condition, to encourage the United States to live strong. The accident after the injection of hyaluronic acid eye pain, vomiting Mei is Sichuan Chengdu people working in Lhasa before the accident. Not long ago, Chongqing man Lee to a friend multiple facial injection of hyaluronic acid, Xiaomei see good results, you want to try, friend Lee will be introduced to the United states. The evening of September 10th, the United States to find a hotel in Lhasa to live in Chongqing man Lee accompanied by mary. 7 pm, Li Mouxian chin Mei Mei Injection of hyaluronic acid, and did not feel any discomfort. Then, Lee small beautiful nose hyaluronic acid, who knows just playing in the United States is hyaluronic acid, feel eye pain, not open. Mary hurried back into the sofa for the United States, but half an hour later, the United States not only no improvement but also began to vomit. "I opened her right eyelid, and she said she could not see." Mary immediately call 120, the United States sent to a hospital for treatment of Lhasa. When the United States worried, Mary rushed to the hospital, Lee has managed to escape. Due to the limited level of medical advice to the local hospital a large hospital in Chongqing for further examination and treatment. 11 early in the morning, Mei and Mary by plane from Lhasa to Chongqing, receiving treatment at a hospital in Yuzhong district. Finally, after doctors confirmed that the cause of blindness is due to small artery clogging into nose hyaluronic acid, blood circulation, resulting in soft tissue necrosis all right. Because time is too long, there is no possibility of recovery. At present, the United States’s mother has been to Lhasa and Chongqing police alarm. Reporter Intern Intern Li Qin King相关的主题文章: