Humanity to build the first independent space state to defend against the threat of interstellar rec webquest

To build the first independent national human space: to resist the threat of interstellar space to recruit 100 thousand citizens of countries "seems to be a direct out of science fiction concept, but it may soon become a reality. At the very least, an international team of scientists has come up with a plan. Pictured above is an artist’s concept map. The research team said that they had started the project, known as "Asgardia", and will launch a satellite next year. According to the space state program, the first Asgardia satellite will be launched in 2017. Scientists hope the project will develop from the satellite. The satellite will be launched into a low orbit. According to reports, the project will help the earth from the threat of the universe – whether man-made or natural. At present, there are more than 20 thousand tracks of artificial space junk in the near earth orbit. Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on October 14th, by the international aerospace research center founder Eagle Ann Dr. Shubeli led the team is to build a "national space", will launch next year, creating independent national space "O Sigadiya" (Asgardia), the public can become its citizens through a Sigadiya project web site registration, open places for 100 thousand people. More than a dozen scientists took part in the plan, which was announced in Paris on Thursday. Project leader said that by creating a new country, the Aas Candia project for space ownership and nationality to develop a new framework. One of the early development projects in the team plan is to create a "shield" to protect the safety of all human beings on the planet, dealing with man-made and natural interstellar threats, such as space junk and asteroid impacts. Industry experts estimate that there are more than 20 thousand tracks of artificial waste in space, including old spacecraft and rocket components. In addition, natural objects are also a threat to life on earth. For example, the 2013 crash in Russia Chelyabinsk meteorite caused 1100 people were injured, 4000 buildings damaged. People can visit the website of the Asgardia project to see the relevant information. At present, the site allows only the first 100 thousand users registered as citizens of the new space state. Al Shug Bailey said, Asgardia will be a fully mature and independent countries, and in the future will become a member of the United Nations in space; Asgardia will represent peace, and to prevent the spread of the conflict into space in the earth. The name "Asgardia" comes from Odin in Norse mythology live in "sky city" — the Asgard (Asgard). The project team is composed of scientists from all over the world, they hope that through the establishment of the "space state", to create a new space for the sovereignty and the state of the framework. Anshu Bailey said: "the idea of the project consists of 3 parts, namely, philosophy, law, and technology. Aas Candia is a complete and independent country, the future will become a member of the United nations. Aas Candia is the essence of creation相关的主题文章: