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Huailai wine marathon run thousands of runners in Guanting town of Art – Sports Sohu         Beijing September 25th – Huailai wine marathon race to Huailai County in the town of Guanting town public art shots fired. Ma Fengming, deputy magistrate of Huailai County Liang Kun, deputy magistrate of Huailai County, Huailai County propaganda department vice minister Liu Juan, director of sports media Bureau Chang Quanli Huailai County, Guanting town Party Secretary Kong Xiangshun, Li Xiao Nan Xin town Party Secretary Yun Beijing, Guang’an real estate investment limited company general manager Deng Hui, Austria Zhisheng (Beijing) general manager of sports development limited company of Hao Hongjie and other leaders attending the event, event by mayor Ma Fengming announced the opening of the leaders and the starting gun. It is reported that the event from 15 provinces and cities nationwide 1000 runners participate in the half marathon race is divided into groups and mini Marathon (10 km) group of two groups. Runners in the beautiful lake Guanting, landscape, wine tasting, wine marathon to share happiness. Finally, the Czech Republic, Tang Hanle white, Goldman Sachs Group won the men’s half marathon before three, Sun Shiyi, Dou Jianyun, Hui Juan won the women’s marathon three. The tournament award winners are special, players will be in accordance with the ranking obtained in accordance with the weight ratio of the conversion of red wine. Guanting Lake "drunk beauty" marathon has become the most fashionable in today’s national movement, we Huailai as one of the most distinctive tourist area around Beijing, in fact, very suitable for carry out various sports including marathon. This wine marathon and we just fit the well-known wine producing areas of the image of Huailai, it is a heaven-made match. The organizing committee to highlight the red wine brand, in particular, attracted a large number of local well-known wine enterprises to participate. Sangyang River, Cabernet and other dozens of wine brands as supplies for players, whether it is the way station, or after the recharge area, everywhere drifting with a aroma of red wine. An unlimited amount of drink, dressing wine award, the champion of weight of wine, this is a "Drunken Beauty" marathon. China the biggest drag show pirates, Batman, the Joker, when you see these characters when running on the road, perhaps you think of just a movie. Who would have thought it was a running event, a new decoration, a variety of different characters on the spot. When you run around Batman, you may think of a lot of. Of course, this is also the first large-scale cross marathon, many players said: next year I also want to change, and also hope to be able to bring their families to participate, do some more interesting dressing activities. The first time in China to provide bathing service events in order to enhance the experience of running a friend, this special for all players to provide a bath service. After all the players can take part in the game after the bath to participate in other activities, it is also the first marathon to provide a bath service. Marathon events are often limited due to venue, players can not be washed after the game. The starting end point in Guanting public art Town, the facility is complete, so first joined after washing link, greatly.相关的主题文章: