Huaian, a kindergarten dozens of children vomiting diarrhea unexplained (video)

Huaian a kindergarten dozens of children of unknown cause vomiting and diarrhea in late October 21st 10, Huaian City, Xuyi county court Moxiang kindergarten, suddenly there are nearly twenty children have a fever, vomiting and other adverse reactions, collective admission examination. After receiving the relevant departments have also attached great importance to the news, quickly into the investigation, has now ruled out the possibility of food poisoning. At present, the situation of children has improved, basically returned to normal. (from Modern Express) event the children go home after the collective illness according to parents Ms. Xia told Modern Express reporter, October 21st children come home from school, after dinner break fast, all of a sudden stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting and fever, and even some. She said the child’s adverse reactions in the class parents group, did not expect a lot of students in the class have different symptoms, as well as a child appeared spasm, coma. Parents worried about food poisoning, quickly took the children to the local hospital in Xuyi collective inspection. There are four parents with children, rushed to the children’s Hospital of Nanjing. Yesterday afternoon, the modern express reporter at the children’s hospital to see the four children, of which the spirit of the three looks pretty good, lying on the ground together to do the game. Only a Han Han (a pseudonym) children sleeping in bed. Han Han’s mother told reporters, the child back home is also very good, but when you brush your teeth before going to bed, suddenly fell to the ground, stooping, convulsions, it scared them mongolia. In the local hospital, the child’s symptoms are more and more serious, there has been a fever, vomiting and other reactions, because a few days ago, children with acute meningitis symptoms, parents worry about meningitis, the child was sent to Nanjing overnight. (from Modern Express) Nanjing city children’s Hospital on duty brain doctor told Modern Express reporter, currently on Han Han inspection, diagnosis for complex febrile seizures, and upper respiratory tract infection. Doctors say it should be because of the recent sudden cooling, the child infected with inflammation. As for other children, there is a common phenomenon of lymph node enlargement, this phenomenon is generally caused by inflammation, it should also be related to climate change. But why the sudden collective appearance of such symptoms, she can not give a precise answer, may be related to the long-term living environment of children. From the current perspective, the children are not too obvious vomiting and diarrhea, should not be caused by food poisoning caused by physical discomfort. Currently, the local CDC, the market supervision and Administration Bureau, the food and Drug Administration and the Education Bureau and other relevant departments are on the matter for further investigation. (from Modern Express): extended video has nothing to do with the original Jiangsu Wuxi: three sisters "food poisoning" father who相关的主题文章: