How to measure blood sugar not to ache

self blood glucose monitoring is an important part of daily life in patients with diabetes, but repeated finger prick, produced the "ten heart" to bring pain, diabetic patients fear, often make patients feel at a loss, and even resistance to stick to blood glucose monitoring. Is there any way to relieve the pain?

1. choose the right blood glucose meter

selects a blood glucose meter that requires less blood volume.

the greater the amount of blood collection, which means that each time you need to collect more blood, it may also be more pain. Choose a blood glucose meter is very convenient, such as automatic blood glucose meter function.

2. select the appropriate blood collection depth

family commonly used blood sampling pen tie, generally set up 5 different depth stalls, you can choose according to the thickness of their finger skin. The greater the number, the deeper the depth, it is more likely to cause pain. You can try different depth, try to use the most shallow stalls, but can prick enough blood, this pain will be smaller than.

3. preparation activity before blood collection

clean hands, keep hands warm, peripheral blood circulation is good, so as to ensure adequate blood loss. Warm water can increase the finger blood circulation, especially in the cold season to wash your hands with warm water, avoid hand cool blood; the ipsilateral arm drooping naturally for a moment, then massage the blood collecting location; ensure the success of a one-time blood, pain.

Selection of blood collection site of


(1): the tip of the finger bar to avoid nerve endings rich, particularly sensitive to pain stronger than in other parts of the fingers. Especially the side finger ring finger and the little finger, the nerve distribution of less blood is part of good. Each person can also try to find themselves feel less pain in other parts.

(2) often replace the finger blood: as far as possible the damage to each part, rather than in one or a few parts repeated several times. Remember the last time the blood collection site, the next time you should avoid this blood collection. Try not to have pain in the fingers of the blood collection, until the pain improved and then change the finger blood.

5. blood collection needle can not be reused

to understand the correct use of blood collection needles, each should use a new blood collection needle. The number of blood collection needles used more, will become blunt, resulting in increased pain.