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Fishing Bait making is really exciting stuff empowering you to improve your catches fast! Beginners have so many questions because everything new hits you all at once; getting into homemade bait making entering a totally new world of exciting, creative stimulating possibilities! So what makes an effective instant-acting nutritional carp bait, why does it work and how can you optimise everything better and faster? Read on now and find out! You may have heard a lot about the success of fish meal boilies. It might not surprise you that many readymade boilies are based on fish meals. Fish meals are obviously the closest thing in supplying carp essential nutrition within the concept of so-called food baits. But this will strike you as odd but the pioneer of high nutritional baits based on high protein ingredients did not use fish meals at all in his theory. He used very high protein milk protein ingredients. A very large part of the reason for this was about instant stimulation and the actual content of stimulatory amino acids very specifically in milk proteins added to their addicted peptides and sugars. Fish meals have many factors including antioxidant peptides and fatty acids and essential amino acids which stimulate fish. However fish meals are merely one choice when considering how to stimulate feeding so that you get your hook in your fishes mouths! The fact is that though fish meals are bye-products of premium human grade fish meat muscle markets, and do include whole fish including the heads, skeleton and everything, there is a fast-growing demand for fish for fertilizer for aquaculture, for human food and for fertilizer to grow food and increasingly for biofuels production. This means dramatic price increases! Realistically readymade fish meal baits will be costing over twenty pounds just for one kilogram of bait as price rise and increasingly skyrocket and as banks continue speculating on raw food materials and world population grow beyond the fertile land available to grow enough food! This situation has been going on for some years anyway with the big banks speculating on wheat, soya and maize etc. These represent staple foods of entire continents and are among the most profitable basic bulk ingredients within readymade baits i.e. part of how readymade bait makers make their profits. Fish meals have been one of the most profitable bulking ingredients in the bait industry. But that is changing dramatically as price rises hit profits harder and harder and among the most proven and successful fish products be.e literally fished out or perilously close to collapse, as in the case of products such as L030 soluble fish protein and LT94. So for these reasons readymade bait makers are scrambling for alternatives for protein-rich bulking ingredients to keep on making a profit out of which will still stimulate carp and catch fish! Among the alternatives are nuts and the protein part of cereals and alternative legumes. So for instance instead of fish meals, maize germ and wheat germ are being used in higher levels more and more and pea protein products are increasingly being used in the bait industry instead of more and more expensive soya meals. Cereal grain germ is the live growing part of the seed most rich in all the nutrients, essential amino acids and fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements and so on all concentrated most in the germ part. The endosperm is the part which is most rich in the fuel, the energy-providing part, containing starching made up of gluten proteins which bait makers utilise for binding. This aspect is used throughout the food industry and is most often corn starch (maize starch,) in the UK. Glutens are used in the bait industry to literally glue boilies and pastes together. As most pastes and boilies are no very high protein in content and are based upon bulking carbohydrates and often on high carbohydrate seeds and more moderate protein content fish meals additional binding to bind insoluble aspects of the baits are used which is where eggs are used. Whole eggs came to the forefront of public attention because of a very prominent scientific paper released in 1974 publishing details of content of eggs and how they contain all the essential amino acids for humans and how they can play a regular part in supplying dietary requirements. Of course pioneering carp bait makers jumped upon whole eggs considering them the ultimate food and binder for carp bait. Strangely, whole liquid egg isnt especially attractive to carp, (but this appears to have been ignored somewhat!) But the result was that certainly in the UK more and more carp anglers started using whole liquid egg alongside other binders rich in glutens such as insoluble hard durum wheat meal otherwise called semolina used in special paste baits. In fact the method at that time even in the case of high milk protein baits was to fish them as instant paste baits. Fish meals where used and bound with eggs and semolina and other binders where also fished as special pastes. This is very interesting because anglers would fish these instant baits and catch often very instantly indeed. There was little of the mass baiting up of thousands of baits and waiting and waiting for a bite. The approach was use paste baits and feed on a little and often basis and seed the swim and constantly stimulate the fish with more instantly stimulatory soluble paste baits! Things went backwards big time when whole egg baits were boiled to make them last longer and resist nuisance fish. However this backfired because the nuisance fish began to treat boilies as natural food and chomped on boilies anyway. But the biggest backfiring was that in boiling egg-sealed baits a huge part of the actual nutritional stimulation and attraction was lost through heat de.position of amino acids and washing out of the most water-reactive and volatile substance within the baits! The other drastic backwards movement was that in baits which used binders in dry form, which did not include eggs could hold a massively larger volume of feed-stimulatory instantly-soluble liquids instead of all the water, fat and insoluble albumins and other insoluble or barely-stimulatory aspects of whole egg. So the pioneer bait makers tried to cover this by adding solvent flavours, which helped to draw water into the baits and highlight baits by ionizing water reacting with the solvent bases of the flavours. But this was in the main merely a sticking plaster for a self-limiting concept! I began carp fishing in the seventies at a time before eggs were .monly used and before carp baits were even boiled. This was when special pastes dominated big carp catches and carp catches were very often achieved very instantly within very short fishing periods of just hours and not days nights and weeks and weeks! Frankly, pastes are the true way and superior way to make carp baits and are the best baits to use and boilies are not! This is why so many bait .panies sell paste for wrapping around hook baits and why so many bait .panies sell fast-breakdown spod mixes, stick mixes, ground baits and carpet feed mixes! Big fish today are pressured by mass introduction of so-called food bait boilies all year round by countless thousands of anglers. And carp feed selectively; they feed differently in the presence of unique baits which differ to one another. Though carp may in a day or night pick up multiple baits from a number of swims and also feed on natural food items each bait .pany keeps on making claims their bait is the best and their amino profile is the best, while still chucking out tons of little round smooth-surface egg-bound boiled baits all dramatically under-optimised because fish are merely feeding on them as a natural food source due to fish density and repetition and volume of introduction as opposed to actual genuine optimised functionality. This is where your homemade baits can seriously score! Readymade boilies are in the main designed around recipes from 50 years ago. Few materials have made any radical difference to this situation. Readymade boilies really had the biggest edge when other anglers were using baits which offered less nutritional stimulation in the form of soya and semolina baits over-dosed with solvent flavours. Today such baits do occasionally catch the odd fish, yet most readymade boilies made today include added nutritional .ponents to improve nutritional stimulation. These so-called food baits are aimed at selling massive volumes of baits, (predominantly free baits; in order to make maximum profits!) But the most potent baits are the hook baits. I know for a fact that if your free baits are as potent if not more so than your hook baits then you can catch at least 4 times more big fish than anglers using leading brand readymade baits out of the bag. This I can state from 37 years of making homemade baits and refining them to defeat the most popular readymade baits. In my experience, even a total bait-making beginner can make baits which will stimulate fish uniquely, give their fish baits which provide a totally new experience which results in far more .petitive and caution-free, more natural-feeding fish feeding scenarios which optimise potential for multiple big fish captures. Two of the effective bulking ingredients I re.mend (instead of using fish meals,) include maize protein called Supergold 60 and wheat germ. This is at a rate of four to one Supergold 60 to wheat germ. Also, I seriously re.mend that beginners and experienced anglers use whole egg powder and not liquid egg! This form allows you to exploit massively higher levels of liquid foods, such as liquid yeast, liquid liver, Minamino etc, instead of using insoluble egg which drastically locks up your baits and reduces the feed-stimulatory potential of your baits. With this starting point to move forwards with you can be assured that you will achieve superior catches! For over 5 years Ive constantly been refining, updating and evolving my one to one intensive 1 day personalized course formats, content and emphases for beginners to expert levels, due to so many anglers questions about bait design and bait making needing answering very directly and clearly! This has led me to produce a written and picture-orientated product, which already has proven to empower anglers of every level, to make genuinely superior homemade baits and for that matter, world class readymade baits! Revealed within my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets tuition and ebooks series is far more powerful information! Why not visit my unique website (Baitbigfish,) now; see my biography for information and details of my exceptionally powerful, totally unique bait tuition and ac.panying bait making secrets ebook deals, right now! By Tim Richardson. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: