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How to do the space business in China? China News Agency, Wuhan, September – 12 Title: how to do a good job in China’s aerospace business? China News Agency reporter Zhang Su China’s commercial space increasingly hot". The original plan to 400 of the size of the second session of the Chinese Commercial Aerospace Forum 12 held in Wuhan, attracting more visitors. Most of the participants were both astronauts and businessmen. Zhang Di is one of the typical. He is the vice president Chinese CASIC Vehicle Technology Research Institute, about solid rocket technology trends closely reasoned and well argued he is also chairman of the newly established; CASIC Rocket Technology Co., has signed on to half a billion yuan large single. Asked how to do business space, Zhang dy answered: the user first care cost is low; second care delivery cycle, namely according to the need to launch third; pay attention to the product reputation. He said that the launch of Chinese CASIC fast boat "solid rocket, currently cost around $10 thousand per kilogram, very competitive prices," order flying like snow". Zhang Diye said, in the final analysis of the rocket is only a vehicle. His idea is to attract social capital to invest in the manufacture of rockets, and then cheap rocket traction satellite manufacturing, and ultimately the application of satellite industry. Across the globe, the United States space exploration technology company (SpaceX) a number of private space enterprises as the representative of the positive peak, even occasionally launch defeat, the outside world will not question "in the footsteps of commercial space". According to a report by the United States aerospace foundation, in 2015 the total amount of the global aerospace economy reached $335 billion 300 million, of which 76% of commercial space activities, has entered a mature period. Attention should be paid to the SpaceX company and the prosperity of company, the U.S. government issued a series of supporting commercial space development plan, the government and the military of the emerging commercial space enterprise technical support and transfer, and data sharing service system. 2015 is also regarded as the first year of China’s commercial space". This year, China’s national development and Reform Commission announced the support of private capital to enter the field of satellite research, the aerospace sector will focus on commercial space. Today, China’s commercial space full acceleration". This forum, Chinese first national commercial aerospace industry base — Wuhan national aerospace industrial base to become "xiangbobo". China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Chairman Gao Hongwei said in his speech, will be mainly based on the national aerospace industry base in Wuhan, continue to promote the implementation of the five major commercial space projects. Gao Hongwei on the same day to private capital throws olive branch". He said that the project will be released in cooperation with the coordination of the guide, in accordance with the rules of mutual benefit business partners, the construction of open cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win commercial aerospace industry. Industry analysis, along with the satellite to significantly enhance the observation accuracy, technical progress and application of "Internet + era, Chinese space data applications will usher in the golden age, the size of the market will rapidly expand. China commercial space scene so hot, but also man-made space business put forward "thinking". For example, the national space data has not yet formed a commercial application of policies and regulations, civil aviation and space resources相关的主题文章: