How should Parkinson’s disease change the basal ganglia degeneration


female patients, age 57. 2 and a half years ago several times due to weakness in limbs, walking suddenly left so do not force and fall. After admission, Parkinson was diagnosed with a rare form of basal ganglia degeneration (Corticobasaldegeneration). The left foot is still unable to walk, toes curled up not straight, the soles of the feet side, unable to walk down flat. When walking need help.


1, the original three tablet daily Madopar, recent reduction of morning fasting (half a pill a day)

2, AI Dan quinone after a meal (day three)

3, Flupentixol and Melitracen Tablets in the early (day two)

4, happy morning blood (


consulting issues:

1, what kind of treatment to alleviate or cure the symptoms of left foot weakness?

2, walking leg muscles will be very painful, what method can be cured or relieved?

3, every afternoon about three o’clock that ass around like fire muscle pain, this is why? What is the cause of this illness with Parkinson? How to heal?

4, is there a cure?

macro: according to the description of the , patients should be cortical basal ganglia degeneration, belong to motor disorders, but the clinical rare. The disease is caused by degeneration of cortex and basal ganglion cells.

patient: can choose brain pacemaker cure?

field macro: disease can not choose DBS surgical treatment. Introduced before, DBS surgical treatment of Parkinson disease to idiopathic Parkinson’s disease, and the patients with cortical basal ganglia degeneration, although early symptoms are similar with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, but the clinical diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in the presence of specific, known as CBD (corticobasal degeneration).

cortical degeneration of the underlying causes are very complex, and nuclear magnetic imaging, CT is difficult to troubleshoot, need to do nuclear medicine PET examination. Patients with PET can significantly reduce the metabolism of the basal ganglia, which can further verify the progress of the disease. As for the treatment, in addition to the normal use of drugs, but also the need for comprehensive treatment.

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