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Arts-and-Entertainment Bieber fever is something which has spread rapidly over all countries of the world and still continues to increase at a very fast pace. In just a few years, Justin Bieber managed to shoot off into stardom. In fact if you try to get Justin Bieber concert backstage passes it is really next to impossible. A lot of people really wonder about how this kid managed to be.e so popular??Why girls of all ages lose their minds over him??How did he be.e a star?? Lets start with the history of the kid. This Canadian singer was discovered by his present manager Scooter Braun who had seen his videos on Facebook and had set up a meeting with him with the pop sensation Usher. After this it was smooth sailing for him. After the release of his debut single titled One Time, Justin Bieber backstage passes kept selling out at lightning speed. He managed to get the same success with the release of his .plete studio release called My World 2.0. His single Baby is actually ranked as the most viewed, most discussed and also the most disliked video on YouTube. Just like Bieber is considered to be a teen idol he also gets a lot of criticism as well as lot of controversy for his image as well as his popularity. So lets take a look closely about how he managed to gain a vast sea of popularity. The number one reason for this would have to be YouTube. He uploaded all of his songs as well as his recordings on the site, where he was spotted by Scooter Braun which led to the beginning of his journey. The second major reason why he shot off to stardom was because he didnt really have much of .petition. His first single, One Time came out in 2009 when he was 15 years old. Really, how many 15 year olds have you heard release an album? People were basically looking for someone to represent his generation and they finally found one. Thirdly we have the voice. Its because the boy has a nice voice that he managed to sell out all the Justin Bieber backstage passes. A lot of people say that he has a weak voice but then after an era of rap and pop ruling the music scene it was refreshing to listen to something new. So the kid basically had a lot of luck and he managed to enter the scene at the perfect time. He also got a lot of star support. When someone has a star like Usher in a music video then if he is bound to succeed. Usher helped him a great deal plus most Usher fans migrated to being Bieber fans as well. Then we also have the publicity issue. Bieber managed to stay in the eye of the public for a very long time. along with all this we can also say that he was a very lucky kid. After all getting discovered in YouTube needed a lot of luck. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: