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The price increase innovation high buyers said "a month per square meter rose ten thousand in August Chinese property market heating up the 123 line of the city are now rising trend of prices of second-hand housing transactions unpopular Beijing News (reporter Sha Lufang Wang Yang) September 19th National Bureau of Statistics announced changes in August 70 large and medium-sized city residential sales price. Statistics show that residential sales price chain, up the number of cities in this month have increased. Meanwhile, the first tier and part of the hot second tier cities housing prices continue to expand. Among them, in August Beijing new commercial housing and second-hand housing transaction prices were up 3.8% and the same period, the rate of increase is much higher than in July and 1.7% and 1.6% in. Zhengzhou, Shanghai rose over 5% data show that, compared with the previous month, 70 large and medium-sized city, 64 new commercial housing prices in the city, the price decline in the city is only 4, 2 flat; 57 of second-hand housing prices in the city, the city has 4 flat. New commodity housing price changes, the highest increase in Zhengzhou, rose 5.6%, Shanghai rose more than 5%. In August, Zhengzhou replaced Xiamen and Hefei, the first new residential and second-hand housing prices. According to media reports, a real estate for more than two months time rose nearly 3000 yuan, and even foreign investors hit fly to grab the room. Second tier cities property market prices from the fiery land market can be seen one or two. According to Albert I love my family Market Research Institute of statistics, 2016 1-8 months, the second tier cities nationwide residential land transactions in the construction area of 85 million 650 thousand and 900 square meters, an increase of 11.6%. At the same time, in August before the second tier cities nationwide residential land transaction price of 9966.24 yuan per square meter, compared with the previous month of August rose nearly 80%, a record in history. The industry said that the high prices of first tier cities, some speculative funds began to withdraw from the first tier cities, into the second tier cities, which makes the price of such second tier cities began to rise beyond the first tier cities. And now Zhengzhou, Wuxi and other hot two or three lines of the city began to appear a significant price increases, the pressure to control the prices of such cities began to increase. Beijing second-hand housing rose first tier cities in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four first tier cities, the largest increase in second-hand housing in Beijing. Compared with July, Beijing second-hand housing ring rose 2.3 percentage points increase; new commodity housing ring rose by an increase of 2.1 percentage points. In addition, the first tier cities new commercial housing and second-hand housing prices rose in three consecutive months after narrowing has expanded, the two or three cities continue to expand. It is worth noting that, after a stable situation in July, the new commercial housing prices in Beijing in August there were 3.8% gains, much higher than the level of growth in July. New home supply is an important factor in price increases. Analysis of deputy general manager of Asian high high Shan, influenced by the characteristics of the supply of land in Beijing this year, purely commercial residential product supply is extremely scarce situation. The first 8 months of this year, reducing the 35% Beijing purely commercial residential products pre-sale 16072 year-on-year. Pure commercial housing supply shortage, the rapid rise in prices, making just need and just to the Czech Republic相关的主题文章: