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"House last night and Dongfeng" hot shot king Shuanghu Zhu Zixiao again – Zhu Zixiao. The king Shuanghu entertainment Sohu Sohu "entertainment house last night and Dongfeng" hot shot Zhu Zixiao Shuanghu Wang again directed by the famous director Wu Jiatai’s idol spy war drama "east wind" house last night and is currently Shanghai pier base film hot shot, the drama by Yan Yikuan, starring Song Yi, Zhu Zixiao, Wang Shuanghu brings together the high value of outstanding young actor. Starred in "", "birthday celebration for happiness order" the young actor Wang Shuanghu in the drama starred in juntong agent Wang Chinese, a degree of relaxation of the show has been highly praised by director Wu Jiatai. Shooting "the song" in the last year, Wang Shuanghu and starring Zhu Zixiao has worked, two people both play or life in the intersection of many. "In the house last night and Dongfeng" once again partner Zhu Zixiao and there are a large number of scenes, Wang Shuanghu bluntly: Zhu Zixiao and partner is very fun, people’s good brother Xiao Zi, when the drama let me learn a lot, life is also very handsome and kind, is a good example for me. It is reported that the shooting, Wang Shuanghu will go to the next crew, to participate in this year’s blockbuster drama "big industry" army shooting, the Su Yu played popular attention.   相关的主题文章: