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Health Most people who use self-help techniques to better themselves have heard of Holosync. If you don’t know what Holosync is, I’ll tell you. Basically it uses audio programming with binaural beats to change brain wave activity. Reducing stress is much easier with the help of products that change brain wave activity to help reach a meditative state more quickly. Ongoing studies show that reducing stress using meditation techniques have a variety of benefits, including Lowering Cholesterol (American Heart Association); reducing chronic pain, anxiety, and high blood pressure (National Institutes of Health),lowers blood pressure (American Journal of Hypertension) and improves artery health by as much as 69 percent (American Heart Association). There are a lot of products other than Holysync that are used to reduce stress. Other mind optimizing methods that can also reduce stress include: Hypnosis, general Meditation, and Biofeedback, not to mention a good exercise that could include Yoga and Pilates. Isochronic tones can also be used to reduce stress. The advantages to using Isochronic tones over binaural beats are very clear. Binaural beats require headphones because they working using two separate tones, played differently into each ear. The tones then create a pulse, or "beat." Users will not notice the separate tones because it is all done very fast. On the other hand, Isochronic tones do not require headphones. Only one tone is used, but it is manually spaced to turn on and off in a particular pattern. This makes it more effective because the brain doesn’t have to do the extra work of putting the two tones together. The Isochronic tone technology has been fully tested and is proven to work. In 1999, the Journal of Neurotherapy published a case study conducted by Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D. He tested 8 struggling college students. Tests were performed using both visual and audio brainwave stimulation, the students significantly increased their grade point average, and their GPA continued to rise even after treatment was discontinued! Isochronic tones reduce stress and have all of the benefits of Holysync, but instead of binaural beats, they use monaural and isochronic tones for what the creator, Morry Zelecovitch calls "brainwave entertainment. I know those are a few big words, but Morry is a certified "Brainwave Entertainment Engineer/Specialist." He worked with many leaders in brainwave technology to develop this process — and he definitely knows what he’s talking about! Holosync products are very expensive, and are not guaranteed. However, it has more to do with how your brain reacts to certain stimuli. Some things work on some people, while others do not. Meditation is a good example. It can take some time to be comfortable with Meditation products, and many people quite before they get any benefits. With isochronic tones, many people are able to obtain a comfortable meditative state quickly, and for MUCH less cost. Isochronic Tones have the power to: Reduce stress, enhance creativity, acquire a more positive attitude, develop better relationships, boost motivation, dissolve the mental and emotional blocks and resistance that hold you back from success, and much more. If you’ve never heard of isochronic tones before, you can find out what’s so unique and powerful at Quantum Power. This could possibly revolutionize the entire self-improvement industry! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: