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Hollywood summer Disney $4 billion 480 million into the biggest winner Hollywood summer movie "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on September 6th (author: Pamela McClintock) 2016 Hollywood summer box office mixed. This year, Hollywood’s summer in the United States domestic box office revenue was $4 billion 483 million, almost $4 billion 484 million last year to be roughly the same, but the 2015 summer more than an extra week of 2015 summer weekend is from the beginning of May 1st, and this year’s summer weekend from the beginning of May 6th. Many people expect this year’s summer box office to surpass last year, but in the end it is a little worse. This summer, the audience saw a movie sequel, and there are many classic remake and restart, in "bad mother" (Bad Moms) into the domestic box office of $100 million before the R-rated comedy a series of the sink; although ruled the family movie at the box office, but Steven · Spielberg’s dream of a giant blow; "(The BFG) has suffered a heavy defeat. Through this summer’s file, the anxiety of the film company executives can learn? "This summer vacation is very difficult, but I don’t think the time and effort of the audience is more intense than ever before." Disney, chairman of · Alan, said. This summer, the two highest grossing film from Disney. Disney and marvel studios cooperation "Captain America 3: the civil war" (Captain America: Civil War), the global box office was $1 billion 150 million, the film is also this summer only at the box office worldwide more than $1 billion; followed by Disney and Pixar Animation cooperation "Nemo 2: where to go" (dolly Finding Dory), the film grossed $945 million 100 thousand worldwide, in view of the fact that also will be released in multiple markets in the world, so the film box office is across the 1 billion milepost point the day and await for it. In the North American market, Nemo 2 $482 million at the box office, and even more than the captain of the United States, $408 million, $3. Other high grossing films include universal lighting and entertainment cartoon "big pet secrets" (The Secret Life of Pets), the current global $766 million 900 thousand; Warner’s "X" task force (Suicide Squad) global box office has reached $678 million 200 thousand, the film released this year was created the August opening weekend box office record. "This summer was better than I expected," the United States Securities analyst Ricci BTIG · Greenfield said: "however, we also see the expansion of the price scissors between high and low grossing films at the box office, now the fact is that the overall box office by as few pulled." Another reason for the success of the summer box office in 2016, is more than expected performance of horror movies. New pictures and warner!相关的主题文章: