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Leisure holiday 18 years   inventory of golden week — Jiangsu window — original title we walk together: the original title: leisure holiday 18 years — we count together through the golden week of September 1999, the State Council issued the "measures" national holidays and festivals, decided to increase public holidays, the formation of the Spring Festival the "51", "eleven" for 3 consecutive 7 days of holiday. Golden week was born. For 18 years, golden week has brought us? How can we change the golden week? A large amount of holiday travel across, normalized when the first arrival of the National Day golden week, holiday travel craze swept the country a surprise. According to statistics, the number of people traveling in the country within 7 days to reach 28 million passengers, tourism revenue of $14 billion 100 million. But at the time of the 7 days of accumulated astronomical in the present, less than half a day can be broken. The volume, golden week has been over several orders of magnitude. According to the China Tourism Research Institute predicted that this year’s National Day golden week domestic tourism market will receive 589 million passengers, tourism revenue of $478 billion 180 million. People is 20 times more than 18 years ago, revenue grew 30 times. Numbers are boring, memories and feelings are real. Born in the last century 50s yingzi still clearly remember the first comprehensive national Day golden family climbed Taishan scene. It was the first time her family had gone out. Although the conditions are very limited, but the family’s happiness and a sense of freshness of the first holiday has been stuck in memory. "It was very difficult to stay at that time, so it took a long queue to get it. Before departure, home cooked a pot of stewed chicken as "food". The top of the noodles 20 dollars a bowl, we only bought a bowl for the children." Both hard and yingzi about a sweet. Since then, the word "travel" has jumped from the dictionary to life. Later, yingzi every year traveling together and the family. After her retirement, she became obsessed with photography, hiking…… From the first trip to Taishan now, yingzi footprints have been all over the world. "The first golden week I booked by telephone. 18 years later, I still booked by telephone. But now it’s called App." Talk about 18 years of golden week change and unchanged, just retired Shanghai citizens Tao Zengrui said. From 18 years ago in the hotel line or telephone booking, now click mobile phone booking travel, tourism has realized from the hectic to simple. Ctrip Travel started from the call center, then just phone reservations and store sales. To the first 10 years of the new century, the tourism industry from the line to the line, people booking travel products from the store consulting, booking to the computer Internet, independent booking. From the beginning of 2010, the emergence of smart phones has brought new changes, the path of tourism has undergone a revolution. At present, Ctrip App cumulative downloads over 2 billion 300 million times, about 70% of the transaction amount from the mobile terminal. Liu Simin, vice president of the China Association for the future of tourism research analysis, the golden week of hot scenes from the first day has not changed. With the increasing demand for the quality of life of ordinary people相关的主题文章: