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Holiday approaching uninterested investors cautious sentiment prevailed: Sina App live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money, the reporter Zhang Yi Jian Ming editor near the National Day holiday, Shanghai refers to near 3000 points over a narrow range, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two City Trading back "and" level. Yesterday, the Shanghai stock market turnover to hit more than 4 month low. Zhengbao reporter recently visited a number of brokerage business department found that pre investors generally cautious attitude towards investment. Visit, the majority of investors said before not opening, and the choice to maintain a lower position, to be again the day after operation of a few investors. The stock market has many years of experience in investment in Shenzhen Zhao told reporters that her two weeks ago because of a considerable degree of stock losses and liquidation, the current "flesh" positions maintained at a relatively low level of 1/3. Because of the hand to hold the stock Jiancang time longer, floating profit is considerable, she intends to temporarily maintain the status quo, to the festival according to the evolution of prices to cover or transfer positions to consider whether. Some investors told reporters, because the plan during the national day of travel and purchase of real estate, they will choose to lighten up before the holiday to supplement cash flow. Pre holiday investor sentiment has also been verified by a number of brokerage firms. Beijing, a brokerage business department account manager, said that compared to the second half of last year, this year, where the business department of the account is more stable, there is no significant decline in the near future. However, the current market upward and downward direction is not clear, the stock index around 3000 points the same stock of the game pattern of repeated shocks, and by the real estate caused by blood effect or affect the stock market, the majority of customers psychological investment are more cautious. After the market is expected to come out of the bottom still need some time, suggested that the investor asset allocation channels, or short-term fund to invest money and other products to avoid the risk. "Now the customer’s investment preferences, small and medium-sized retail securities account in cash and not too much, most of them are owned or heavily loaded mancang. Most of the idle funds in the account, mostly to invest in a lower risk currency products." A brokerage brokerage business in Southern China region, said the person in charge. It is worth noting that, despite the recent continued "chicken ribs" market, investor sentiment tends to be cautious, but the market outlook, investors are not too pessimistic, there are still a lot of people choose to holding festivals. Small chapter investment novice Zhengbao told reporters that recently their heavily loaded stocks do not always rise, there are more than 15% of each loss. And your account has only a total of 3 and 40 thousand, so the stock is a big probability event for him, hope "the hands of the stock could rise after the loss back a bit". A person in Shenzhen, a large brokerage also said that the shock in the city, the market has returned to a performance oriented, recommended that investors pay more attention to the structural market in a weak market. Another analyst said that in October the RMB will be officially joined SDR, expected November opening of the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the superposition, suggest that investors on holiday market should not be too pessimistic. Sina statement: this message is reproduced from Sina cooperation media, Sina相关的主题文章: