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Mobile-Audio-Video Do you find there are so many kinds of GPS Navigations like handheld GPS, GPS mobile phone, auto GPS CMMB etc. on the market? Do you find all that GPS Navigations suitable for you? Among numbers of GPS Navigations maybe you are more familiar with an auto GPS, which is always a pre-installed unit .ing out together with the vehicle. Find out the most fitting GPS Navigation is really an ideal way of pinpointing your position as well as amusing and entertaining yourself and the passengers. As to the purchase of car DVD Navigation, we OemCarGps take Nissan Sylphy DVD Navigation for example. Choosing the best DVD Navigation is hardship and annoyance, but it is not unresolvable. The following tips should you hold in mind before you .e to a decision. First of all, you have to ascertain that you really have a better understanding of possessing a GPS DVD Navigation and the goal you want the DVD Navigation to achieve, for example, positioning, POI, route planning and so on since the Nissan Sylphy DVD Navigation is really seized of different capabilities. In the second place, pick a Nissan Sylphy DVD Navigation which features a large screen so that it is straightforward to read. If you want to set off from your home to your destination at the shortest distance and spend the least time, the DVD Navigation can get you on the shortest route and on the right way. Of course you need to give your order (input your starting point and destination) by operation on the touch screen. You have to give your attention to the fact that the majority of the Nissan Sylphy DVD Navigation is operated through the touch screen. Make sure that the DVD Navigation touch screen is big enough for you to examine the data, information and pictures on it, otherwise it would be strenuous and troublesome to figure it out. In addition to the size of the touch screen, check out if there is flaw or defect on the touch screen, which can lead to blurry images and poor effect. Experience with that kind of touch screen, displaying blurry images is no better than buying a small touch screen. Nowadays the GPS Navigations pertaining to Nissan Sylphy are mostly 7 inch with high definition screen 800*480. Since the Nissan Sylphy DVD Navigation is mounted into the dash, you have to well know your Nissan Sylphy, the size, the production year. Especially for the Audi series, on the market there are Audi A3, Audi A4, Audi A6, Audi TT, Audi Q5. For Audi fans, they should be aware of the series of Audi, the production year, whether the navigation online can match the dash" To sum up, figure out what you really want and desire and have knowledge of your vehicle conditions and specifications, since you are paying for a system which is not cheap at all. Some of the DVD GPS Navigations have several attractive functions, if you are on a tight budget, you have to figure out whether it is worth to pay more money for the part and functions, which you don"t really need. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: