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Fashion-Style Hermes is a very well-known fashion house and brand that is loved by women around the world. The brand has .e up with many unique works, when it .es to handbags, over the years, however, still very famous date until a package is the Hermes Kelly bag was named after actress Grace Kelly. The beautiful actress Grace Kelly also happened to be the Princess of Monaco, she was pregnant, she was married, she was not very .fortable showing her Hermes Kelly bag bulging media. As a result, she has appeared in public, she found hidden her pregnancy, her Hermes bag. When more and more people know this little secret photos all over the world, the actress hiding her pregnancy, her handbag. The bag has be.e so famous, it began to be known as "Kelly bag". Despite the Hermes "Birkin bag, named after actress Jane Birkin Kelly Bag publicity and popularity seems to have been exceeded. It takes about two alligator skin, Kelly Bag, the hardware and the design is so classic, beautiful bag is indeed a masterpiece. For more research on the handbag, only to find a copy of a Birkin bag, it takes about 18 hours. Hermes Kelly Bag history story remains interesting and attractive date, until the occurrence of many new and up.ing fashion designers inspired and designed bags Hermes, Paris, and especially for those working in the handbag industry. In any of the official Hermes outlets or authorized dealers of Hermes bags, Hermes bags can be easily found. Also many dealers of Hermes bags, have their own Web site, and the sale of these bags promotions in online with free shipping all over the world, and some great discounts. There are many different colors to choose from, all these years, what choice of materials designed Kelly bag have also changed, giving the classic design many new versions. You can find all these plastic bags in the Hermes export site or in any outlets. So, if you’re too fascinated manufacturing story and history behind Kelly Bag, then go to these bags! About the Author: Hermes kelly tasche 相关的主题文章: