Hilary’s daughter will regroup for parents to run for congressman – Sohu news-spyair

Hilary’s daughter will regroup for parents to run for congressman – Sohu news [Global Times reported] "when some political commentators believe that" Clinton Dynasty is dead ", some information tells us that perhaps this day far away", according to the "New York post" website 10 reported that Clinton and Hilary’s daughter Chelsea? Perhaps Clinton will inherit their parents’ career, is recommended to run for congress. "New York post" quoted sources as saying that Chelsea may participate in the election of seventeenth members of Parliament in New York. At present, the seats in the house of Representatives by a senior member of the Democratic Party, the 79 year old Nita Roy occupied?. Roy has been in Congress since 1988, but has now decided to retire. "New York post" pointed out that Roy’s constituency includes the Clinton couple "family home" — chapa boast. In August this year, Clinton couple spent $1 million 160 thousand to buy a house next door for her daughter, a family of four. Reported that the Chelsea’s residence and voter registration are Manhattan, but when Roy of Congress is empty, she can be legally registered address change is posted praise, a very simple procedure. "After the failure of Hilary, Clinton couple needs some time to regroup, but they will not give up". Sources said Chelsea may be the next spokesman for the Clinton brand. Over the past few years, she has played an important role in the Clinton foundation and the campaign for Mr Hilary, who has become accustomed to being exposed, even though mr." But Chelsea did not respond to this.相关的主题文章: