High sugar content! A bottle of beverage Aochu 4 lollipop

drinks can replace water? A bottle of drink, how much sugar?

let’s go through an experiment. CCTV reporter from the supermarket to buy some common carbonated, fruit juice, milk tea and tea drinks.

first try coke. The stove fire to fire in time, the past 7 minutes, first half pot of cola has less than half. In the past 5 minutes, the coke in the pot began to bubble, and more viscous. Finally, the container is cooked into making Cola syrup in lollipop. Using the same method, the reporter also brewed tea, sugar Sydney, Orange Juice and ice Black Tea.

sugar Sydney brewed 4 lollipop;

cola and ice Black Tea are brewed out 3 lollipop;

Orange Juice brewed 1 lollipop;

tea Aochu lollipop to 1.

in simple after weighing the lollipop found, each lollipop weighs about 15 grams, human drinking a small coke, equivalent to about 45 grams of added sugar intake.

does this sugar pose a threat to human health?

sugary drinks are the main source of added sugar, the latest published "Chinese residents dietary guide 2016" on the recommendation of the addition of sugar, "per person per day intake of not more than 50g, preferably under 25g."

long-term consumption of sugary drinks, will lead to childhood obesity and dental caries. And easy to form a less healthy eating habits, adverse to the growth and development and physical health. Experts suggest that children and young people do not advocate drinking sugary drinks, should be replaced by sugary drinks.

should be how to drink boiled water?

in life, because tap water has scale, people not only drink pure water to drink water, even for cooking, tea, are pure water.

for tap water, what do experts think?

"Chinese residents dietary guidelines (2016)" version of the formulation of Du Songming said that the water is boiling water inside the natural nature of the fire, we advocate drinking. Adults in the case of temperature is not suitable for sweating, the daily consumption of 1500~1700ml, that is, 7~8 cup water. Adults can drink tea instead of part of boiled water.

said the expert for scale and chlorine, tap water, tap water in the local qualified circumstances, boiling water is a healthy choice of economic. China’s tap water standards are very strict, as long as qualified, is safe and healthy.


scale, whether affect your health?

previously believed, the scale and more "hard water" will lead to stone. But modern;