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High color value sister flower! When Wang Likun see sister moved whirlwind tears Sina entertainment news this week, "my new clothes" around "bestie afternoon tea" theme, you start with a partner goddess designers launched a new show show, or full of fairies or Hua Xianzi, sexy and cool coexist City petty girl, every the style that the audience’s eyes. And the "goddess makeup" Wang Likun [micro-blog] to bring you a Everfount surprise, not only the first time variety concert, also invited his good bestie bear with the completion of the show, whether it is from the big show in the form of clothing or are really reduced "bestie afternoon tea" fresh, warm, and bestie. Full of girls heart, of course the biggest surprise when the program belongs to the special group of "welfare" to Wang Likun’s sister, is the last surprise coming in the evening finale, so Pumianerlai moved to make Wang Likun happy whirlwind tears. A large star straddling fashion variety show "my new clothes", the original "goddess’s new clothes", the third season, this season’s "my new clothes" made some adjustments in the program form and links, but in the same lineup goddess strength and Yan values coexist, each big show originality in ten feet, magnificent the sisters show clothing, get a large audience favorite. This period "bestie afternoon tea" theme is full of sweet and warm, "makeup goddess Wang Likun a pink one-piece leisure dress appearance, natural leisure with sweet fresh, free two pigtail pull a lot of friends shouted:" see also as cicadas!" Remind the audience familiar and warm memories. The costumes and choreography are Wang Likun not only to restore the party bestie warm scene, her bestie [micro-blog] Xiong Naijin also went to the site for her cheer, domineering propaganda buyers increase. This time she not only invited to the good and my bestie on the catwalk, the program group finally got her a big surprise, as Shanghai sister to show for her help, the Wang Likun suddenly moved to the contrary to expectation surprise tears, this is my sister first appeared in front of the audience. In addition to reap the full of warm and touching, warm heart "of the high value of the grassland Yan sisters envy others. Has been focusing on the good shooting of Wang Likun, in addition to childhood began to learn professional dance skills, rarely in front of the audience to show their talent in the period of the other, "my new clothes" program in her first variety concert, a "sweet" little girl heart bursting, playful, fresh beauty sweet song this period, as the finale of the goddess energetic explosive her audience. "The goddess makeup" for the first time to join the resident guests in the form of a reality TV show, although the program itself is to transfer the current fashion concept and new clothes new big show to everyone, but each in the episodes aired. Also a great goddess privately at Wang Likun, with the nature of the character is affinity, serious and persistent on the stage; to encourage partner support; face buyers strive to restore the most authentic life in her own.相关的主题文章: