Hearthstone legend occupied the Roland lol heroes of the mainland into the furnace – Sina hearthston-roselip

After the hearthstone legend occupied Valoran continent LOL heroes into chaos furnace stone — Sina before hearthstone legend area after "this is Blizzard" series, in addition to Ai Ze Lars’s buddies at enrollment, even different world heroes to participate, and this period have the opportunity to enter the world will realize the ambition hearthstone from Valoran, buddies. This series will regularly launch, each will run five positions in the LOL hero. Robot · Rambo is a terrible Rambo single in LOL, and meat and hurt it is always in a position to suppress opponents, but he also because of its superb skills but was rejected by the majority of game player. And in many game player "life can not grasp the hero list, Rambo is often the top famous. Rambo doesn’t consume magic, but it’s a mage hero. Rambo is difficult to operate, because his skills will have a negative effect, and this effect will continue to cast spells with Rambo and become more and more serious, the end will eventually make Rambo become unable to attack. Compared to 477 and 588 compared to 577 of the FEL Reaver, Rambo stature is not particularly prominent at the same time, the negative effect is not very obvious. As long as the other party is not what the director routine, like Jaina, a six or seven round of Arcane Missiles, Rambo don’t say how much output can make the turn, but can attack, play 5, 6 blood should be no problem. This card is more suitable for the zoo instead of visual medium hunting, because zoo spells less, at least from his side can be more reduced for the weakening of Rambo effect, and now in addition to the zoo 5 fee is not left anything outside the big brother, is really very poor. [single main · shadow flow; rob and rob] arthorn can be said to be the two heroes of the game show most of it, although the enchantress and blind monk also show, but more than 94 and blind monk, robbed and arthorn are instantly to save the world. The demon takes time for cooling, and now half blind monk meat he had not the invincible brave. This show mainly lies in the shadow of the use, namely W skills and R skills, and R skills to master degree also is decided this is robbery or robbery rob children Huoying a large part of the factors. The thief had been short of 5 charges, and Cara, who had come to be a ghost dealer, now, how about the robbery? Rob wanted to play the damage must be the scene of the match, that is, if you want to spend 5 on time, the cost of the round of the field must have at least two station attendant, this can be said to be a great incentive to follow the thief of the production of the. On the other hand, with the robbery, the thief will be able to have second sets of miracles. Two shadow steps, two shadow attack, 3+3+6+6, 10 charges just hit the blood of 18 points, and if the use of the emperor to reduce the cost, then you can play even more terrible damage. [wild: the shadow of war · Hector Kareem] should be the shadow of the island’s most like a demon hero, right? In LOL,.相关的主题文章: