Healing Trauma In The Eternal Now-wharfedale

UnCategorized "Everything is perfectly managed in the unborn." Bankei Nondual wisdom reveals that our unborn nature is the source and substance of all that is born into finite reality. All of our experience is an expression of this nature, a primordial awareness that accepts all forms of its expression, no matter how pleasurable or painful. This awareness is unconditional love as it equally accepts the most sublime ecstasy and one of the most painful of all human experience, trauma. It is only in this embrace of the manifest by the unmanifest that true transformation or healing takes place. All of the suffering that is brought to psychotherapy is a confused or contracted expression of the unconditional love that we are. When suffering is embraced by this love, the confusion is clarified, the contraction is relaxed, and we are released into simple presence. Once awareness awakens to itself in a human being, it is possible to liberate all forms of confusion through this meeting, including those resulting from trauma. Left to itself, the ego-personality will endlessly repeat trauma or try to hide from it. Only the unconditional love of conscious awareness can truly embrace it. Adyashanti (2002) beautifully describes love returning for itself in all its forms: "It is when awareness somehow meets itself as Love, when all experience is touched directly by that Love, that it is dissolved, freed, healed, transmuted and transformed. When experience is met with full acceptance without any resistance, it reveals itself to be the same Love. Nothing survives this meeting. Nothing stands up to the presence of being and remains." We naturally move away from pain. But there is also a movement of intelligence within all beings that is moving toward what is, without needing to fix or change anything. It’s the .ing together of awareness and it’s experience that is freeing; that is Love. That is Love returning for itself. And it has no motive other than union. This touching without motive is what is transformative." Transformation takes place in the present moment. Our past traumas can be resolved only in the here and now. This resolution involves an open receptivity to what appears each moment without any form of resistance, interpretation or identification. By fully allowing what is, moment-by-moment, all experience finds its natural resolution. When it .es to healing trauma, however, additional skills may be required. Bessel Van der Kolk, MD (1999), a leading trauma researcher, defined trauma as "the inability to be present with what is in the here and now." When we have experienced trauma, it tends to pull us out of the here and now into there and then. It returns us to repetitive re-experiencing or re-enactment of the past trauma. Trauma actually destabilizes the nervous system in a way that disrupts our natural ability to be in the here and now. Paradoxically, healing trauma requires being present with what is in the moment. Therefore, healing trauma usually requires therapeutic methods that can facilitate being present with the nervous system’s experience of trauma in the body. And, this process is greatly enhanced by the conscious recognition of awareness. By its nature, awareness is present with whatever appears within it. When we are conscious as awareness, and our trauma arises, we are not identified with it; we are not fixated and therefore no longer at the effect of it. There is naturally a being present with, or letting be, which allows a relaxation of the contracted, traumatic energy. Thus, there is a synergy between the conscious recognition of awareness, which facilitates a skillful method, and the method, which facilitates being present with trauma. This synergy results not only in the healing of trauma, but can also result in liberation from suffering itself. It is important to note however, that when a therapist abides as primordial awareness, they will spontaneously utilize whatever techniques or methods they have acquired. They are also able to fore go all protocols and just be with what is. Awareness can and does use whatever is necessary to awaken itself, but nothing is essential other than awakened consciousness itself. A therapeutic method is involved in creating true freedom only to the extent that consciousness is awakened in the one using it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: