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He told a hospital said: you are not inferior to the big city and developed countries – click on the top up health Sohu can subscribe to the "healthy Hangzhou" oh! This is a letter addressed to the Hangzhou overseas Chinese has a county level hospital letter of thanks. What is, let him not given such high evaluation? Thanks to: Dean, Hangzhou District of Xiaoshan City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine respect Liu? Physician and cardiovascular ward nursing staff: Hello! First of all, on behalf of my wife and family to give to me when I was in your hospital inpatient medical care with care heartfelt thanks! I am from Canada, Xiaoshan by a business invitation alone back to China, but due to the daily busy work, climate and environment change and in November 4, 2016 suffering from sudden hypertension by your hospital emergency rescue personnel in your hospital, the emergency department in your hospital after diagnosis in the inpatient department of cardiovascular medicine recommendations further observation and treatment, after careful treatment and care of medical staff, the symptoms quickly under control, at present I have recovered And discharged from the hospital today. Here, I would like to thank the cardiovascular department of your hospital physician Liu? The doctor, Qi Guoan, Han physician, they on patients with serious and responsible, rigorous attitude and excellent medical diagnostic technology has left me a deep impression. At the same time, the nursing staff in the cardiovascular department of the hospital also made me deeply moved by the care of me as well as other patients. In addition, your hospital massage department Zhou Donghui doctor superb treatment skills also make me feel the unique efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine. Just a few days of hospitalization, so I feel that, in addition to hardware, the hospital’s medical service level is not inferior to Shanghai and other big cities and developed countries. To this end, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the leadership of your hospital to train outstanding medical staff, and the Chinese medical institutions in the construction and development efforts. Finally, please accept the honor of an overseas Chinese and my family for all the medical staff in your hospital! Thanks again for the care of the doctors, doctors and nurses in the emergency department, cardiovascular department, massage department, inspection department, etc.. Your sincere! Shao Zhiguo – 20161110 hospital patients alone, sudden serious illness, Mr. Shao suffered a disaster of life"! And so he did not think that, in the country of the East China Sea, a county level hospital makes him feel the warmth of family! Source: Xiaoshan District Health Bureau to see the article to help you ~ please give us some praise!相关的主题文章: