He brandished a knife and hacked to death by the doctor, was executed yesterday


Dongguan intermediate people’s court in accordance with the instructions of the Supreme People’s court, according to the law for the execution of several criminals. Among them, a criminal Lu Dekun, because of subjective speculation, as a doctor in the hospital to aggravate the condition, a knife to hack two doctors, caused by a dead one injured.

case review

in 2011 January, Lu Dekun (34 years old, Shaanxi Hanyin people) for hemifacial spasm has three times to the Changan Hospital of Guangdong Province, Dongguan city hospital. Lu Dekun, deputy director of the hospital for the diagnosis of Chinese medicine, Dr. Liu Zhilin. Lu Dekun after taking the drug that the deterioration of their own, but also to a number of hospitals in Beijing and other places. Lu Dekun believes that the Department of Liu Zhilin’s diagnosis and treatment errors led him to spend tens of thousands of dollars, and his wife for their divorce, then decided to retaliate against Liu Zhilin.

2011 August 16th PM, Ruth Kun to carry knives while Liu Zhilin came to Changan hospital, the doctor does not prepare the machine for others in the consulting room, took a kitchen knife to slash to Liu Zhilin’s head, neck, trunk and limbs, Liu Zhilin was injured on the ground.

came to see the doctor in the consulting room next to Iraq Fenghui was also heard, Ruth Kun chopper chase. Security personnel control after Ruth Kun was rushed to the hospital. Liu Zhilin after the death of the rescue invalid, Yi Feng Hui suffered serious injuries, disability rating of seven.

after the trial, Dongguan intermediate people’s court that the defendant Ruth Kun chopper intentional unlawful deprivation of life, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional homicide . Dongguan intermediate people’s court sentenced Lu Dekun to death with intentional homicide, deprived of political rights for life.

2012 Ruth Kun in the bailiff’s escort, staggered into the court

Lu Dekun’s modus operandi

news reports after the incident

from the time of the trial in the dialogue, we may be able to have a more comprehensive understanding of the massacre:

prosecutor: why does want to chop a doctor?

Lu Dekun: took his medicine and his face began to twitch, and his condition worsened. Later went to Beijing to see, is not good, but also spent a lot of money, and his wife divorced me. I was just trying to scare him, there was no money at hand, just want him to help me look good, do not know how it will be.

prosecutor: Changan hospital, a total of several doctors to see you sick?