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HD: "peace mission -2016" joint anti-terrorism military exercises will be held on 15 – Military – people.com.cn September 11th morning, the Western Theater organization, part of Xinjiang military command air forces in a training base in Xinjiang Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, held the peace mission – 2016 "joint anti-terrorism military exercise at the meeting, they will exercise tomorrow assembly area. According to the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States Department of defense 2017 2016 – cooperation plan", the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States Army, from September 15th to 21 in Kyrgyzstan, Huzhou, Balykchy City, "Weiss Edgerly Isaac" training center held a "peace mission -2016" joint anti-terrorism military exercise. China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan were dispatched army and air force participating in the total strength of a total of 1100 people, China sent troops participating in about 270 people. To participate in the peace mission – 2016 "joint anti-terrorism military exercise, is a major political task of the Central Military Commission for Western Theater and military action, is to deepen the reform of national defense and the army in the Western theater after the first organized military theater on the international stage with a new image of the joint military exercises, once again, is also an important practice of Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the field of defense and security cooperation. The exercise initiated in response to international terrorism in the context of the crisis, preparation and implementation of joint counter-terrorism operations focused on training in mountainous conditions, divided into strategic consultation, campaign preparation and implementation of the three stages of the battle. (Sun Xingwei, Wang Ning) to (Cao Kun, the commissioning editor: Qiu)相关的主题文章: