Haze when no longer come Listen to the two sessions on behalf of members how to say

Haze when no longer come? Listen to the two sessions on behalf of members how to say

haze prevention, the government is force. Shanxi provincial government work report clearly, this year the province will further increase the intensity of environmental pollution control, including the control of coal, increase the pollution control efforts, the implementation of coal comprehensive governance, accelerate the central heating, improve the proportion of clean heating, the state issued the completion of yellow car and old cars eliminated tasks. Among them, the province of the provincial capital city air quality in particular, this year, the province will support the first to achieve full coverage of clean heating in Taiyuan, completely solve the problem of urban raw coal burning in winter.

Province, the two sessions, many provincial people’s Congress, the provincial CPPCC members are concerned about the topic of haze. Haze when no longer come? On behalf of members who have suggestions.

provincial CPPCC members, Jinzhong City Environmental Protection Bureau Chief Engineer Wang Xiaoe:

adjust the industrial structure to improve environmental regulation

haze is not a cold day, the root cause is the extensive development of the cause of the unreasonable production and lifestyle. So, when haze no longer come, no matter what the way, it would be impossible to achieve immediate results." Speaking of the haze of governance, the Jinzhong Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Chief Engineer of the provincial CPPCC members, Wang Xiaoe let the people to do a protracted war mental preparation, such as the London smog, Losangeles light pollution, is through the 30 years of governance to see results, then continued more than 50 years of governance, in order to completely eliminate. This is a long process."

that haze can be reduced? Wang Xiaoe believes that the first to solve the problem of industrial structure. Heavy pollution of coal, coke, cement, building materials, electricity, etc., are relatively heavy emissions of pollutants, resources and energy consumption is relatively large industry. Shanxi is the country’s energy and heavy chemical provinces, to control pollution, we must make up their minds to adjust the industrial structure, improve the industrial structure, the development of new industries.

, however, for traditional industries, it is impossible to shut down all of a sudden. So the traditional industries to upgrade, according to the green, low carbon cycle, the principle of transformation, the so-called "circulation, is the pollutant of an industry to become the industry under a raw material, harmless to emissions of pollutants. In addition, to upgrade the standard, if the emission standards can not fall down, do not go on the governance standards, we must resolutely shut down."

upgrade upgrade, you need to improve the regulatory aspects of environmental protection. Wang Xiaoe said that although some enterprises to upgrade the standard, the investment of environmental protection equipment, but in order to economic benefits, may secretly shut down. "Environmental protection facilities are inputs and outputs. An ordinary business night dust removal facilities, filtering facilities, electricity charges only need ten thousand yuan, is not a one-time investment, etc.. Therefore, some enterprises will stop or reduce the operation of the facility, resulting in row." How serious is stealing? Wang Xiaoe, for example, open the dust removal facilities, the general effect is more than 99%, but once the facility >