Harris agreed to renew the contract to retain the title of the new season in Sichuan-rainism

Harris agreed to renew the defending champion Sichuan. The new season with "ha ha" in Beijing on August 30th news, from the "Beijing Youth Daily" reporter Song Xiang reported that he was reported, Mike Harris has agreed a new contract with the Sichuan team. Plus before the Sichuan team has successfully renewed Iran center Hadadi, which means that the defending champion of the new season has been completed foreign aid configuration! Last season, the three foreign aid is the ultimate key to the Sichuan team crowned CBA championship. This season, the Sichuan team can no longer have three foreign aid, so the team’s introduction of foreign aid has become the focus of attention. The play is not stable, the off-season Sichuan team management has reached a consensus, that is not to renew Justin Deng dortmund. Earlier, Sichuan has decided to leave Hadadi with foreign aid quota. Song Xiang said, "Hadadi, I am very want to return to the Sichuan team, the Turkey giants Farenair Pace he refused to offer a two-year contract, also declined the invitation from NBA team." The renewal of Hadadi after the priority among priorities of Sichuan team offseason is to leave Harris. Harris is CBA’s old acquaintance, Song Xiang said, he heard that before the Qingdao team and the Guangdong team and other teams have contacted Harris, but because the Sichuan team of Harris has the priority right of renewal, coupled with the club in the contract also come up with great sincerity. So, Harris agreed to renew the contract of Sichuan. The fact is, Hadadi is very fond of playing with Harris – two people have been teammates for the past 2 seasons, so there has been a chemical reaction on the pitch. The new season, will be ha ha combination of third years together! Prior to this, the 33 year old Harris has been in the CBA campaign for the past 8 years, have played for Dongguan, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Qingdao and Sichuan. The last season in the Sichuan team, Harris played 47 games, averaging 37.2 minutes, 30.4 points and 11.5 rebounds over 2.6 assists and 1.1 steals. According to previous exposure of the race, the Sichuan team will be the opener in home court against the Beijing team in the new season. (Jimmy)相关的主题文章: