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Harbin lightning 4 power lines of more than 30 emergency repair success – Beijing Life News reported in September 28th by the strong convective weather, 27 at the Harbin sun line 4 lines broken by lightning, more than 9000 residents without power. State Grid Harbin power supply company organized more than 30 repair personnel, was struck by lightning wire emergency repair, 16 or so damaged lines have been restored to normal use of electricity 4. 27, 3:10, Xiangfang District hae highway nearby residents and business users call telephone repair fault, Harbin power supply company to respond immediately to tissue repair personnel in special patrol of power lines to carry out inspections, after 1 hours, the final in the 10 thousand volt sun sun line 31 bar to 32 bar and other locations found by lightning fault line. It is understood that the lightning caused a total of more than 9000 households, a number of important enterprises are also distributed in the damaged line. Harbin power supply company will immediately report the circumstances to the parent unit, launched the emergency plan, timely send repair personnel, emergency switch repair materials. Because it is in the night to repair, lighting a serious shortage, difficult to increase the repair work, repair personnel can only take a flashlight tangzhuo water construction. After repairs, 16 or so at the time of 4 damaged lines to restore normal use of electricity. (Zhao Zhengfu Jia Yongchao)相关的主题文章: