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Han Guohui: sleeping on the train, get off the camera, all over the world and how [Abstract] in China, until now is a popular "tour": 7 days of the 5 nation European tour, the 10 day European tour eight, 15 day tour of Europe’s 11. Count, almost a day to go to a country, in a city to stay for some time and even only two hours. [Abstract] the afternoon of August 20th, the travel channel President Han Guohui, who painted Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou with the book "don’t be angry, I’m not saying you" appeared on the Shanghai book fair, they talk to those "bias of the world". Asked why the thought of working with Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou, Han Guohui said: "my uncle" and left to meet friends’, because I want out of this book, looking for artists, we both know a friend, he said "you should be."". This is a book full of "Prejudice" of the book, the author revealed in the book without Taboo English gentleman idea really, Paris under the mask of the elegant little black dress torn. Han Guohui said that this book is different from the general travel book, he and Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou want to express to everyone, in fact, is to look at the world from another angle: with a unique perspective to restore their views on the world". There are many small bias on the world small view, London, Oxford, Paris is slowly pushing, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok ocean, the tears of laughter…. this view not right or wrong, good or bad, but the author share a perspective for readers, like Han Han recommended book: This is the concept of "world view of the world". The following is the authorized source network CITIC Publishing House () Digest surging news published: London equivocate bad joke. The teacher gave a question about the food shortage in other countries. At this time, the European students asked: "what is the shortage?" African students asked: "what is food?" Chinese students ask: "what is your opinion?" The American student asked, "what is the other country?" Prejudice, we’ve been trying to avoid, but there’s always a bias in everyone’s opinion. A particular climate, planning, cultural atmosphere, and air quality are shaping the people of this place, everyone is equal, can not be avoided. I am a person who is trying to make himself not biased at work, because prejudice can make us lose the objectivity and rationality of judgment. However, in the course of travel, in combing their travel trajectory, I have to some extent like the prejudice". If you put your bag in the empty chair next to the coffee shop, an Englishman comes up to you and asks, "is there anyone here?" Do not be moved by his politeness, he is actually saying: "before I kill you, take off your bag." If the British say, "I’m going to have lunch now, what do you need?" Not because of his enthusiasm and really answer, he was really saying, "I’m going to enjoy our wonderful lunch, what I will bring you the!" If the British say, "really, it doesn’t matter." Don’t think he doesn’t mind, he is actually saying: I may always be:相关的主题文章: