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Gulangyu Islet trees severely damaged area will be extended to 20 days after the opening of the new network in the campus of Xiamen University, a tree was blown typhoon pressure in a car on (September 15th). Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Peiquan Xinhua news agency in Xiamen on 18 September, (reporter Shen Rufa, Yan Zhihong) this year, the strong typhoon "Meranti" landing in Xiamen, the well-known scenic spots in Gulangyu Islet old trees, historic buildings and the appearance of the city and other influence. According to the scenic zone, the area open will be delayed until after September 20th. 18, the reporter saw at the Gulangyu Islet, a large number of trees were blown down, some broken down the middle, some trees uprooted, some of which has a long history. According to the Siming District Municipal Gardens Bureau responsible person, the Gulangyu Islet a total of about 3000 trees more than 90% trees lodging, broken branches, broken branches, of which 13 ancient and famous trees lodging, 156 ancient and famous trees branch. According to reports, ancient refers to more than 100 year old trees and famous trees; that is important or important influence of trees. In the lodging trees, the longest tree is the sea garden in front of a line of more than 500 years old, 300 years old, 3 strains. "Ancient and famous trees are the historical witness of the development of Gulangyu Islet." Siming District municipal garden Bureau relevant responsible person said, the garden department in Fujian Province, invited experts in Xiamen, Guangdong and other places of damaged trees be arranged for processing. To reach a certain age, the location of important trees retain as much as possible; no obvious pest or decay to a lesser extent to the rescue of root system; root rot serious to remove and retained work. Historic buildings on Gulangyu Islet are also affected. According to the Gulangyu Islet – wanshishan scenic zone planning department deputy director Chen Huijie introduced, the Gulangyu Islet has a total of 391 buildings of historical buildings, no body collapse phenomenon, but there are more than and 10 historic buildings wall part is lodging trees during the cause of local damage. Located in Zhangzhou road 24, the site of the Gulangyu Islet tap water company, built in the last century in 30s, Xiamen city is the 51 Cultural Heritage Representative of historic buildings. Reporters saw, it was damaged by the fallen walls and damaged trees. Currently construction workers are being repaired. A reporter from the Gulangyu Islet – wanshishan Scenic Area Management Committee to understand, because the island needs to restore damaged seriously, not suitable for open to tourists, the municipal government, the Gulangyu Islet suspension travel passenger airline operations, initially delayed until 20 days later, as do the arrangement. Gulangyu Islet Street Party committee deputy secretary He Yulin said that after the disaster, the streets of all cadres and workers to go to work to clean up, the main traffic has been cleared. At the same time, the branches, broken wood, waste treatment, strive for early resumption of normal production and living order. The reporter saw, the Gulangyu Islet production and living order recovery smoothly, some products, seafood, tea shop has opened a dry cargo.相关的主题文章: